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Create the online PARKING system  with php/mysql or any other coding language appropriate that

• allows  user real time bookings in the particular area all over UK

• allows to search either by postcode/street and book

• lets at least over 50 bookings per hour by several users

• gives date, time and place of the booking

• find outs price booking based on the area

• has the map of where the parking it's booked

Cover these 3 sections:

• Artefact Design, Development & Testing

• Client based Evaluation

• Conclusion


Design Process and Evaluation

i) Offer Useful Content

ii) Establish User Requirements

iii) Understand and Meet User’s Expectations

iv) Involve Users in Establishing User Requirements

v) Set and State Goals

vi) Focus on Performance Before Preference

vii) Consider Many User Interface Issues

viii) Be Easily Found in the Top 30

ix) Set Usability Goals

x) Use Parallel Design

xi) Use Personas

xii) Increase Web Site Credibility

xiii) Standardize Task Sequences

xiv) Reduce the User’s Workload

xv) Design for Working Memory Limitations

xvi) Minimize Page Download Time

xvii) Warn of ‘Time Outs’

xviii) Display Information in a Directly Usable Format

xix) Format information for Reading and Printing

xx) Provide Feedback When Users Must Wait

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