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Visual Basic:

Visual Basic or VB is a programming language and development atmosphere made by Microsoft. This is an extension of the BASIC programming language which joins BASIC functions and commands with the visual controls. Visual Basic offers a graphical user interface GUI which permits the developer to drag and drop objects into the program and also as manually written program code.

Visual Basic is designed to build software development simple and proficient, while still being influential adequate to form advanced programs. For illustration, the VB language is designed to be "human understandable," that means the source code can be understood devoid of requiring lots of comments. The VB program also comprises features such as "IntelliSense" and "Code Snippets," that automatically produce code for visual objects added by the programmer. The other feature, termed as "AutoCorrect," can debug the code even as the program is running.

Programs formed with VB can be designed to run on Windows, on the Web, and in Office applications, or on mobile phones. Visual Studio, the most widespread VB development environment, or IDE, can be employed to build programs for all such mediums. Visual Studio .NET offers development tools to make programs based on the .NET framework, like ASP.NET applications, that are frequently deployed on the Web. In conclusion, Visual Basic is obtainable as a streamlined application which is employed primarily by the beginning developers and for educational aims.

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