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Introduction of Excel:

Excel is the spreadsheet of the program created by Microsoft.  Although we can use any spreadsheet program for analyzing the data, the commands given here are specific for Excel.  Excel is most basic form a very fancy calculator of the Excel. Microsoft Excel is the versatile program present on the most computers at home and in computer cluster. It is the business tools for managing and accounting large sets of data. It can also make simpler graphing and analyzing data from the labs.

What is Excel:

Microsoft Excel is the general-purpose electronic spreadsheet used to calculate, organize, and analyze data. Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows. Its features calculation, pivot tables, graphing tools and a macro programming language called Visual Basic  Applications.

It has been very widely applied spreadsheet for this platform especially since version five in 1993.Microsoft Excel is the example of a program called  spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are used to the organize real world data such as the check register or a rolodex. Data can  alphanumeric or be  numerical.

History of Excel:

Its first version Excel supported user defined functions and end user programming of macros. In early versions of the Excel these programs were written in the macro language whose statements had formula syntax or resided in the cells of the special purpose the macro sheets XLM was the default macro language for the Excel through Excel 4.0. All the versions of Excel including Excel 2010 are capable of running an XLM macro though Microsoft discourages their utilize.

Excel (spreadsheet)Basics:

You can get help from Excel in learning the parts of the spreadsheet.

1.Ribbon: Excel selects the ribbon home tab when you open it. Learn how to minimize and customize the ribbon.

2.Workbook: The workbook is another word for our Excel file. Excel automatically creates a blank workbook when we  open it.

3.Worksheet: A worksheet is the collection of cells where we keep and manipulate the data. Each Excel workbook contains three worksheets.

4. Format Cells: When we format cells in Excel we change the appearance of the number without changing the number itself.

5. Find and Select: Learn how to use Excel and Find, Replace and Go to the Special feature.

6. Templates: Instead of the creating an Excel workbook from scratch, so we can create a workbook based on the template.

7. Data Validation: Use the data validation in Excel to make sure that the users enter certain values into the cell.

8. Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts allocate to you does things with your keyboard instead of your mouse to increase the speed.

9. Share: Learn how to share the Excel data with Word documents or other files.

10. Protect: Encrypt an Excel file with the password so that it requires  password to open it.

How to create the data worksheet:

Microsoft Excel has the number of features that make it easy to manage or analyze the data in a list. To take advantage of these features. There are six steps to create a worksheet.

1.Entering data                                                                                          

2. Selecting cells

3. Formatting data

4. Filling data

5. Entering a sum  

6. Entering formula

Features of Excel:

Microsoft Excel has a lot of features . that sometimes it is hard to know that where to start. There are many features of excel:  Title bar; Ribbon menu system; File menu; Quick access toolbar; Home tab;  Equation editor.

Functions of Excel:

This list of the Excel tips will give you straightforward answers on how to carry out the variety of tasks related to the Excel Functions including Excel function.

Data functions; Excels count's functions; Excel average function; Excel or function; Nesting If function in excel; Leaving blank cells with the If function; Enter text with the If functions; Performing calculations with the If functions.

Advantage or disadvantage of Excel:

Advantage: The major advantage of the Microsoft Excel is that multiple functions available make accounting or personal finance easier. Send through Emails Excel can be send through email or viewed by smart phones which makes extra convenient. Part of the Microsoft Office Excel is the part of Microsoft office which comes with most PC so there is no need to purchase. All in One Program Excel is an all in one program and does not need  addition of financial subsets user more familiar with the Excel.

Disadvantages: Viruses can be attached to the Excel file through macros. Macros are mini programs that are written into the Excel spread sheet. Slow Execution using only one file that can make the file size very large and as the result program might run slowly. Loss of the Data so you might have to break it into minor files, by doing so there is increased risk in Excel data being missing.

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