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Basic Introduction of Asp.NET

ASP.NET is a set of Web development tools which is offered by the Microsoft. The Programs like Visual Web Developer and Visual Studio .NET allow the Web developers to create the dynamic websites using a visual interface. Programmers can write their own scripts and code incorporate it into the ASP.NET websites as well. ASP.NET also supports the JavaScript .NET, Visual Basic.NET and the open-source languages like Perl and Python.

The ASP.NET is built on .NET framework, which provides an API (Application Program Interface) for the software programmers. The .NET development tools can be used to produce the applications for both the Web and Windows operating system. Programs like the Visual Studio .NET provide a visual interface for the developers to produce their applications, which makes the  .NET a rational option for designing the Web-based interfaces as well.

An ASP.NET website to function correctly, it should be published to a Web server that supports the ASP.NET applications.  The Microsoft's Internet Information Services Web server is by extreme the most frequent platform for the ASP.NET websites. While there are many open-source options available for the Linux-based systems, this type of  alternatives often afford the less than full support for the ASP.NET applications.

* The ASP .NET is a web development platform.

* ASP.Net is the part of Microsoft .Net platform which uses diverse the .NET Framework for the development.

* We can use the CSS, JavaScript, HTML, or the Server Script for website or  the web application development.

* ASP .NET is one type of magic which provide the diverse tools to building web applications, web pages or websites.

* We can also use the HTML for the development of web applications, web pages or website development.

* Generally the web application development or website development is nothing but the application which store at some distant server or remote host and  other client are access that application thought network i.e. the internet.

* Asp.NET is a web development platform, which provides the  programming model, a range of services required to put up the robust web application for the computer, as well as the mobile devices.

ASP.Net application codes could be written in many following languages like:

1) Visual Basic .Net (VB.Net)

2) C# (C#.Net)

3) J#

4) Jscript

Asp.NET consists of a large number of controls like buttons, text boxes, and labels validation controls for the assembling, manipulating and configuring code to create the HTML pages.

It consist of the different tools like Data, Validation, Standard toolbox, Logic controls, Navigation, HTML part, Ajax extensions, Web part and Reporting tools.

Advantages of Asp.NET:

ASP.NET has many benefits over the other platforms when it comes to creating the Web applications. The most important advantage is its integration with Windows server and the programming tools. Web applications created with the ASP.NET are easier to debug, create and deploy because those tasks can all be performed within a single development environment (Visual Studio .NET).

ASP.NET delivers following other advantages to the Web application developers:

1) The Executable portions of the Web application compiled so they execute more rapidly than the interpreted scripts.

2) On-the-fly updates of the deployed Web applications without restarting server

3) Access to the .NET Framework, which extends Windows API(Application Programming Interface).

4) Use of widely known the Visual Basic programming language, which has been improved to fully support the object-oriented programming.

5) The introduction of new Visual C# programming language, which provides a type-safe, object-oriented version of C programming language.


The ASP.NET Framework is the part of .NET framework. It is used to create the dynamic website, web services and web application. Asp.NET is a server side technology that uses all the .NET compatible language such as VB.NET, J#, C# etc. which are compiled to the Microsoft Intermediate Language.


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