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A. How to hire an expert or contractor?

Answer: The steps involved to hire an expert or freelancer

1. Post your job for free: You can post your jobs and requirement’s attachment freely on website. You will get register with us and can access your account instantly.

2. Review proposal: instant executive team will reply you with attached job proposal. You can review proposal and confirm to expert.

3. Pay to process your order: You will need to confirm your order in advance; we protect your payment till end of satisfaction.

4. Get done job in due date in your account and close your order only by your confirmation.

B. What if don’t get proper answer for my problems?

Answer: Mywordsolution protects their client’s rights and thus offers 100% assurance of quality working only. If you don’t satisfied with working, you can follow up further for same order, and our team assure you revise work with no more cost.

C. What is step if I want to cancel my order?

Answer: you can cancel order in 2 hours duration time after payment. After it expert’s effort will be charged and you can communicate with executive team about how much will be refunded? Mostly after 1 or 2 days no refund request will be proceed. You can drop an email through your Mywordsolution account for refund request. The final decision is made by operation management team.

D. Is there any process to get direct contact with my expert?

Answer: When you create your account, you will get updated details from your expert or contractor. When you hire an expert for particular job, you can connect with him/her through skype or digital board of conference.

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