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Definition: A branch of the mathematics that substitutes the letters for the numbers. An algebraic equation represents a scale, what is done on one side of scale with a number is also done to other side of scale. The numbers are constants. The Algebra can include the real matrices, complex numbers, vectors, numbers etc. Moving from the Arithmetic to the Algebra will seem something like this: the
Introduction of Math's: Math's is in principle inexpensive. As the old joke says that, a mathematician required only paper, a pencil, and an easy chair and waste basket. Also the criterion for success in mathematics is via and big universally accepted. This makes the mathematics an attractive investment. Special feature of the mathematics derives from it is internal structure. A good modern
INTRODUCTION OF CALCULUS Calculus is concerned with the comparing quantities which differ in a non-linear way. It's used extensively in engineering and science since many of things we are studying do not behave in the simple linear fashion. If the quantities are continually changing we need the calculus to study what is going on. Calculus was developed very independently by Englishman Sir I
Physics: Physics is a science which deals with the structure of matter and the interactions among the basic constituents of the observable world. Long termed natural philosophy (from the Greek physikos), physics is concerned with all aspects of nature, covering the behavior of objects beneath the action of specified forces and the nature and origin of gravitation, electromagnetic, and nuclear
Chemistry: Chemistry  refers to the study of the nature, properties, and composition of matter, and how such undergo modifications. That served as a completely adequate statement as late as the 1930s, when natural science (that is the systematic knowledge of nature) seemed fairly obvious divisible into the physical and biological sciences, with the previous being included of physics, geology,
Biology: Biology  is the study of living things and their vital procedures. It is an extremely wide subject; biology is classified into various branches. The present approach is mainly based on the levels of biological organization included (example: molecules, cells, individuals, populations and so on) and on the particular topic under investigation (example: structure and function, growth a
Earth Science
INTRODUCTION OF EARTH SCIENCE: The Earth sciences are an all embracing term for sciences related to planet Earth. They are special type of planetary sciences. Which deal with structure and the composition of Earth, physical features, its origins, changing aspects, and all of the natural phenomena? Earth is a only planet known to have life and hence only planet with the biological processes and
Physiology:  is the study of the performance of living organisms or their constituent tissues or cells. Physiology was generally considered separately from anatomy till the development of high-powered microscopes made it obvious that structure and function were indivisible at the cellular and molecular levels. Understanding of biochemistry is basic to physiology. Physiological procedures are dynam
CONCEPT OF HISTORY The word 'History' in the simpler terms is study of past. the word 'history' is derived from greek word 'historia'. A Indian history is divided into the three parts - the  Ancient, the Medieval and the Modern. Overall the history is divided into two parts Pre and the Proto History. Pre history: The word Prehistory has been formed of the two words - Pre (Latin) which mea
Humanities: Humanity  is a branch that studies the human circumstances, employing methods which are mainly critical, analytic, or speculative, as distinguished from empirical manners of the natural and social sciences. Various illustrations of the disciplines related to humanities are very old and modern languages, literature, history, visual and arts (compressing music). Additional subjec
English: English  is a West-Germanic language which was initially spoken in England and is now the most extensively employed language all over the globe. The majority of population of many nations, including the UK, the US, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and numerous Caribbean nations, employ this as their primary language. English is the third most well-known native
Sociology: Sociology  is a science of society, social institutions, and social relations, and specially the systematic study of progress, structure, communication, and collective behavior of organized human groups. This emerged at the end of 19th century via the work of mile Durkheim in France, Max Weber in Germany, and Robert E. Park and Albion Small in United States. Sociologists employ obs
Defining Nursing Nursing is the diagnosis and the treatment of the human responses to potential or actual health problems. Nursing is further defined as those functions, including the basic health care, that help people cope with the difficulties in daily living that are associated with their actual health or the illness problems or treatment thereof, and that require a substantial amount of
INTRODUCTION OF SCIENCE: Modern science is the broken into many different branches that it is almost mind-blowing to think that they all are related. However, despite the varied subject of the matter all scientific disciplines are fixed together through their use of the common method the scientific method. The scientific method is the mostly philosophical exercise that is the used to refine of

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