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Sociology is a science of society, social institutions, and social relations, and specially the systematic study of progress, structure, communication, and collective behavior of organized human groups. This emerged at the end of 19th century via the work of mile Durkheim in France, Max Weber in Germany, and Robert E. Park and Albion Small in United States. Sociologists employ observational methods, surveys and interviews, controlled experiments, statistical analysis, and other techniques to study subjects like the family, bureaucracy, ethnic relationships, schooling, social status and class, religious movements, deviance, the elderly and social transformation.

Sociology makes sure us to recognize the structure and dynamics of society, and their complicated connections to patterns of human behavior and individual life modifications. This examines the manners in which the forms of social structure: groups, communities, organizations, social categories (like class, sex, age, and race), and different social institutions (like relationship, economic, political, and religious) influence human attitudes, proceedings, and prospects.

The branch also explores how both collectivities and individuals construct, sustain, and modify social organization in different ways. The Sociology asks regarding the sources and effects of change in social arrangements and institutions, and regarding the satisfactions and complexities of planning, accomplishing, and adapting to such modifications. Regions studied in investigating social dynamics comprise: culture, socialization, values, cooperation, divergence, power, exchange, disparity, deviance, social control, hostility, order and social modifications.

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