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Introduction of Math's:

Math's is in principle inexpensive. As the old joke says that, a mathematician required only paper, a pencil, and an easy chair and waste basket. Also the criterion for success in mathematics is via and big universally accepted. This makes the mathematics an attractive investment.

Special feature of the mathematics derives from it is internal structure. A good modern application of the mathematics can typically draw from the numerical analysis, differential equations and the linear algebra. These may very well draw from the group theory, graph theory, and the complex analysis. These in turn rest on firm basis of the number theory, geometry and topology. Going deeper and deeper into roots of the mathematics one ends up by such cornerstones of the logic as model theory and the set theory.

Definition of Math's:

Mathematics is a study of the topics of such as quantity, space, structure, and change. There is the range of views among the mathematicians and the philosophers as to exact scope and the definition of mathematics.

Mathematicians seek out the patterns and use them to the formulate new conjectures. Mathematicians determine the truth and falsity of the conjectures by the mathematical proof. When the mathematical structures are good models of the real phenomena, then the mathematical reasoning can supply insight or predictions about the nature. Through use of abstraction and the logic, mathematics developed from the counting, measurement, calculation, and the systematic study of shapes and the motions of physical objects. The Practical mathematics has been a human activity for as far back as written records exists. The research required to resolve mathematical problems can take years and even centuries of the sustained inquiry.

Mathematics is the used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including the natural science, medicine, engineering, finance and social sciences. Applied mathematics branch of the mathematics concerned with application of the mathematical knowledge to other fields,

History of Math's:

Study of the mathematics as a subject in its own right begins in 6th century BC with the Pythagoreans, who coined the term of mathematics from the ancient Greek meaning subject of instruction. The Greek mathematics greatly refined methods especially through introduction of the deductive reasoning and the mathematical rigor in proofs and expanded subject matter of the mathematics. The Chinese mathematics made early contributions, including the place value system. The Hindu-Arabic numeral system and rules for the use of its operations and in use throughout the world today likely evolved over course of first millennium. Many Greek and the Arabic texts on mathematics were then translated into the Latin, which led to the further development of the mathematics in the medieval Europe. From the ancient times during the middle Ages bursts of the mathematical creativity were often followed by the centuries of stagnation. Beginning in the Renaissance Italy in 16th century.

What are the principles of the learning mathematics?

The major goal of the Mathematics nine. A Resource for the Teachers is to bring curriculum closer to the issues in student's lives now and in future. This is done by the focusing on following key principles of the learning mathematics:

1. Developing the constructive attitudes,

2. Solving the troubles,

3. Communicating by the mathematically,

4. Connecting and applying the mathematical ideas,

5. Developing the mathematical ideas in the context,

6. Analysis mathematically,

7. Using the technology,

8. Estimating and doing the mental mathematics,

9. Modeling.

Communicating Mathematically:

The Mathematical communication skills are developed when the students are actively exploring, investigating, justifying decisions, describing, explaining, and solving the problems collaboratively. It is important that students make the confidence in expressing their mathematical understanding when

The communicating an demonstrating and what they have learned.

Applications of Math's:

They can be used to the represent any quantity that has both magnitude and way, such as the velocity, the magnitude of which is speed. For example the velocity five meters per second upward could be represented by vector (0, 5) and another quantity represented by the vector is force, since it has a magnitude or direction. The Vectors also describe many other physical quantities such as displacement, momentum, acceleration, and angular momentum. The Other physical vectors, such as the electric and magnetic field are represented as the system of vectors at every point of physical space that is a vector field.

Tensors also have wide applications in physics:

1. Finite deformation tensors for the describing deformations and the strain tensor for strain in continuum mechanics.

2. The Permittivity and electric susceptibility are the tensors in anisotropic media Stress-power tensor in general relativity used to and represent momentum fluxes.

3. The Spherical tensor operators are Eigen functions of the quantum angular momentum and operator in round coordinates.

4. Diffusion tensors the basis of the diffusion tensor imaging, represent rates of the diffusion in biologic environments.

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