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Literature Review

Literature review is an art of writing, Get started with Live Expert's Support

What is a literature review?

In the process of doing research work, literature review is the obligatory task for dissertation/thesis project in which previous research is done on the certain covered topic. Literature review enables a researcher to become an expert or specialist in the specific area: the expertise acquired is often directly proportional to the efforts put in literature review. In short, literature review works as stepping stone in the achievement of students in their objective of study.

                        The purpose of literature review is to integrate past works and source to the body in detailed knowledge. By using literature review, user identifies theories gap and tries to represent the knowledge of sources. To check the consistency and continuity of existing research work and their outcomes, literature review is used.  The main objective of literature review in schedule of course is to compare the students findings or results with past research work done. Literature review is the part of any graduation and post graduation course homework including the collection of information for thesis, dissertation or a journal article.

Getting Started on Your Literature Review

Student has to write literature review to provide an overview of already published information on particular subject within a specific time period. Literature review is difficult sometimes because in this task student has to involve in past information collected for thesis or dissertation work. However thesis or dissertation is the next step after the literature review but it is a good practice to apprise the professor about the subject or topic on which students are going to write literature review to get his opinion on topic.

Difficulties faced by a student while writing a literature review

Most of the students put up with this arduous work of research which ends up with stress and anxiety. While writing literature review students face many difficulties and problems. These difficulties are given below:

a.  Lack of subjective knowledge to do further research work.

b.  Not have familiarity with write-up task.

c.  Don't have much knowledge of formatting and page setup

d.  Irrelevant sources and their references

e.  Irrelevant evidences

f.  Not good writing skills etc.


How to Write a Killer Literature Review?

Most of the students want to impress their professor by writing awesome literature reviews. But it is not as easy as it seems because there are many factors which affect your writing styles. But there is no point worrying about literature review and student has to buckle down for this. To write very effective literature review, here are some tips which will surely help the student in his/her work:

a.  Determine the clear image of review

b. Gather and search literature

c. Identify gaps in research on which further study can be done.

d. Avoids plagiarism because it is a major offence as per university guideline which is imposing by some countries.

e. Do proofread because it is very helpful to give final touch by kicking out unnecessary things and words.


In conclusion,

Step 1: Review APA guidelines. ...

Step 2: Decide on a topic. ...

Step 3: Identify the literature that you will review: ...

Step 4: Analyze the literature. ...

Step 5: Summarize the literature in table or concept map format. ...

Step 6: Synthesize the literature prior to writing your review. ...

Step 7: Writing the review


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