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Taxation can be defined as main source or provenance of government earning which is a kind of charges that imposed on corporate bodies or companies and citizens. This is a government's revenue which is used to pay for infrastructure, public health, education, safety and others. Every country has its own taxation law by which companies and citizens are charged in percentage of amount that comes in chargeable according to the predefined set of rules, policies and acts.

            There are many types of taxes like Property tax, income tax, inheritance tax, and property tax etc. Taxpayer is bound to pay valid part of taxable amount in contribution to development of state or country.

The interested students who are willing to do courses in Taxation law can take admission in any prestigious universities of USA, Canada, UK and Australia etc. These countries are home of reputed universities and able to give best education.

Courses offered in United State of America

  • Bryant Master of Science in Taxation           
  • Management Taxation
  • Individual Taxation
  • The MS-Taxation degree program
  • Tax Accounting
  • Business Taxation
  • Legal Studies in Taxation
  • Taxation(ACT-The advance Certification)
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Master of Law in Taxation
  • International Taxation

Courses offered in United Kingdom: There are many universities which are famous for courses in Taxation and give many facilities to attract international students. Bachelor degrees, post-graduate or master's degree and PhDs etc can be done by choosing subject from huge variety of courses. Some courses are listed below:

  • International Taxation and Finance
  • International and  Comparative Tax Law
  • Tax Law, LL.M
  • Research-Taxation
  • Petroleum Taxation and Finance
  • International Tax Law

Courses offered in Australia: Australia is internationally renowned education system and provides many courses in Taxation law. Student can choose course to give direction to career, some are:

  • Graduate Diploma in Taxation Law
  • Taxation, Master
  • Taxation law, Master
  • Tax Master

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Taxation assignment requires deep and sound knowledge of policies, article and acts so that the tax process can be done effectively and accurate.

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