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Nowadays, Accounting has become a first choice in students because of constant growth and opportunities in accountancy profession. Accountancy is the processing of financial information in which economic entries are made financial records for business or company. Many countries offer various kinds of courses to attract the students for further education in campus. These courses are very distinctive to each other and hold a reputed value in the market of accountancy profession. Accounting can be classified in various sub-categories like management accounting, auditing, external auditing, tax, financial accounting etc. Here are some courses offered by countries are listed below:

United Kingdom (UK)

  • ACCA certification: In this course student have to pass 14 papers out of 16 to qualified the examination. It takes 3 to 4 years to complete the course.
  • AAT certificate: Unlike other examination, student don't need any kind of entrance test to take admission in this course it means student can join this course after schooling or college.
  • AAT combined level 2 and 3: It is a combination of Level 2 certification and level 3 diploma in the accounting.
  • AIB Level1, AIB level 2, AIB level 3 etc.

United State of America (USA)

  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Bachelor in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Masters in Management Accounting and Management Control
  • Master in Accounting and Business Advisory Services
  • MPAC (Master of Professional Accountancy)
  • Mac (Master of accountancy)


  • Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • B Financial Planning
  • Master of Accounting/Business InfoTech
  • M Professional Accounting
  • Master of Accountancy 

Academic Difficulties for International students

Many students from all over the world are willing to do accountancy courses to give a direction in their career. After schooling or college completion, students take some professional course. The students from different countries face many problems during their course. They don't know rules and regulation of the universities of doing assignment. Students are new to work on accounting assignment and they find it tough to meet with the instructions.

 Accounting assignment: Vexatious for students

Doing assignment module is one of the most challenging tasks for students. These assignments react as headache until it is submitted successfully. The purpose of assignment giving is to judge the understanding of the student over subject and increase the existing skills. Assignment always comes with specific deadline. Unlike other subject Accounting subject is very arduous course because it is completely work of calculations and all the calculation are linked to each other so a small mistake can cause a big problematic situation. In accounting assignment, all the entries are based on given conditions and these entries should be placed in financial records carefully. We all know that Accounts is completely calculation work which cannot be learned in a single day. Various terms, tax rules, external auditing laws, sections of accounting law etc are some part of accounts in which student stuck while doing assignment. 

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