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Profitability Analysis Ratios

Importance of Profitability Analysis Ratios (Accounting) in Academic Curriculum

Profitability Analysis Ratios, as per the name suggests, are the ratios that analyses the profitability of the firm. In other words, these ratios analyses how much capacity a business has for earnings in respect to its expenses in a particular time period.

The different types of profitability ratios are:

1.    Gross Profit Margin (GPM)

2.    Operating Margin (OM)

3.    Return on Asset (RoA)

4.    Return on Sales (RoS)

5.    Return on Equity (RoE)

6.    Return on Investments (RoI)

They are simple calculations of the firm's ability to deliver performance and returns to its users. As a user of the company, after seeing the profit, profitability ratios are what you would see to judge the performance of the firm. These numbers make a huge impact on the business's goodwill and reputation and also credibility. If these ratios are good, the company is said to be performing well and attracts more investors.

Difficulties faced by student while solving Profitability Analysis Ratios (Accounting) problems

The study of these ratios is extremely important, and it is necessary that while calculations, utmost care is taken that they completely error free. This makes studying these ratios extremely difficult. Students are given real life data and from there they have to calculate these ratios and analyses a firm's performance.

Not only are they difficult to calculate but also analyzing the performance of any company based on these can be difficult and requires decision making and problem-solving skills. Most of the students struggle in solving the problems are they need both logic and mathematics skills. They need additional help in solving these problems.

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