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Thesis Writing

Thesis Writing is a Big challenge for a student in Academic Curriculum

it is true that thesis writing has become such a big challenge to students. Some of the challenges have risen due to different institutions and others are because the students have the little know-how of handling the thesis work. This article will tackle certain areas so as to identify why thesis writing has turned into a challenge other than a solution. It is our hope that, what has been written here below will be of great help. 

What is the importance of thesis writing in the academic curriculum?

  • There are many advantages as to why it is very important in the curriculum.
  • Thesis writing helps the student to have ideas of doing research in their studies.
  • They are able to learn and comprehend 
  • Students are able to express their own ideas and facts effectively through thesis writing.
  • Reflection of problem-solving and inspirational creativity is encompassed 
  • It entails so much than representing in details to writing as usual
  • Through this students are also able to do their revision because they must do some research
  • It helps students to get started with their careers.
  • Enables better understanding of topics

Students are able to balance between working as a team and individually, they become mentors to each other

One is able to make a decision that is informed about his/her career.

They in future become very good successful researchers because many are not sure what they want to do when they complete their studies.

Difficulties faced by a student while writing thesis

Well, students face a lot of problems while they take up this task because they do not consider what you have to do to have an excellent thesis. 

Some of them find it very difficult in finding a good topic. One should get started by picking a topic that you can comfortably connect with the statement. It will be very easy if you collect the required information earlier because this is work that has been studied previously.

How time is managed and planning of the task also is a challenge. This is because most of them rush the last minute thus they don't have a presentable thesis. The earlier one starts the better. A lot of commitment is needed because of the research that is required.

Students always have the fear of failing especially when he/she knows that she has not done her research homework properly. They should learn how to support their claims with enough information. 

Institutions have the tendency in assuming that all students are aware of the topic given.

Students lack the know-how of good and bad writing, due to the technology advancement. They have the improper language to address the issue, also they are used to slang especially in social media. They may not know abbreviations and to punctuate their sentences.

Lack to understand how to use sufficient resources.

Few Important thesis topics 

Student credits provided by the governments. This loan is very important to students that are needy. However, some of those that apply for it are not less privileged, and use it for home purchases and consumable goods. To stop this the government ought to forgive the ones that are unable to repay so the that the country grows economically. The revenues will go up thus creating more job opportunities.

Africa does not benefit with the aid received from foreign countries. In Africa, there are a lot of civil unrest and corruption. Such kind of vulnerability hinders the purpose of the funds. So it does more harm than good

Importance of immunisation. Culture, beliefs, religion and naivety are just but some of the social norms that dictate our various methods of getting healthcare.

Liberties of freedom. Designated private civil liberties to get encroached upon when freedom of organisations are expanded; a too much huge government in the scope of surveillance leaves the innocent too naked.

Volunteer organ donors against monetary rewards. Should there be monetary gains to a donor? The illegal organ market has driven people to the less morally upright activity of organ donation. Recipients are ready to part with the cash for the less hustle free way of getting transplants.

Why digital learning in schools should be encouraged. In the 21st industrialised and civilised century technology has become part and parcel of our daily lives. Greater independence of students thinking is encouraged by a wide scope of interest.

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How we may help you. Here are some of the steps you ought to use while thesis writing.

• First and foremost when writing a thesis, a student has to know the kind of paper he/she is researching on. So pick a suitable topic

  • Earlier preparation of the topic saves the day
  • The thesis statement must be written out

• The students' article must have a very good introduction.

  • Then write the body or the claim of your topic
  • Have a conclusion paragraph

• It is always a benefit to the writer to re-read his/her article.

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