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Budget and Budgeting Controls

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Budget and Budgeting Control is a study and analysis of budgets and a way to keep budgets in control and as per the predetermined value.

Budget is an estimate of the income and expenditure to be done for a particular time period. Budgetary control means controlling the actual income and expenditure in order to match the budgets. For Budgetary controls various techniques are used. It is such an important part of any industry, thus, serves an important part in a student's academic curriculum as well.

Importance of Budgetary Control in academic curriculum

1. Every industry, from any field, no matter how big or small, needs to have system of budgetary control in place. Since, there can be changes in macro environment of the business; methods of budgetary controls are designed in a way that they can adapt to such changes.

2. Budgetary control helps students to grow their analyzing skills and problem solving skills. It is an effective way to teach the students about the importance of keeping any organization's finances in control.

3. It is study which focuses on the function of controlling. It therefore, has a vast variety of topics and processes included like setting budgets, checking actual performance, comparing it, analysing the results and then using techniques to ensure the actual performance matches with the decided budget.

4. Students who pursue a course in finance or management, knowing and learning about budget and budgetary control is extremely important as it forms the basis of planning of any activities in the organisation. It affects the whole operational process of the firm.

Difficulties faced by student while solving Budget and Budgeting Controls problems

From the reviews and feedback from a lot of students from all across the world, we came to know that Budget and budgetary control can be a really difficult subject to manage and study. It involves math and logic along with problem solving and decision making skills, which makes the subject even the more difficult.

The problems which the students have to solve during their syllabus and semesters are usually picked out from real life problems and thus, making it very difficult to solve without external advice or helps. The complexity of the problems is usually high and the numbers and math makes it slightly difficult. It is difficult to understand the problem itself at times which makes finding the solution even the more challenging.

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