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Capital Budgeting

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Importance of Capital Budgeting (Accounting) in Academic Curriculum

The process of capital budgeting is an important task carried out in any business organization where decision is made on the mode of investment on any expenses which are deemed to be large enough for the company to resolve whether the expenditure is worth making or should be carried forward for the benefit of the company. This decision making on capital budgeting is usually the responsibility of the authorities involving in accounting who put forth recommendations based on their experience in the field and prior exposure to such situations. In the academic curriculum, capital budgeting is of utmost significance as the students are supposed to be well versed in the budgeting skills on capital investments in a company to enable themselves to become heads of concerns, accounting supervisors of companies or even company secretaries who also deal with the legal aspects of a company.

Capital budgeting considers the profits of a company from the investments it has done on any major projects in which some machinery or equipment could be bought. Knowing about calculating the profit from investment and the future worth of the project to the company is very much part of capital budgeting.

Common Problems Faced By Students in Capital Budgeting (Accounting) problems

Calculations made to determine the worth of any company's projects in terms of the future is highly complicated as it requires knowledge on the trends in the market and the appreciation and depreciation of any equipment involved in the project, the useful gains obtained and the losses which would be incurred in the course of completion. Students would find it difficult to engage all the aspects of profit and loss, the current and future trends as well as the method to do the same to arrive at accounting in terms of capital budgeting and solving the problems. For example, in the payback period method of calculating capital budget, the value of cash invested and the cash brought in each year by the project are considered for the purpose, while in the net present value method, the current value of benefits and costs are taken into account. Depending on the method adapted, the solution to capital budgeting problems will vary. This should confuse the students, who will find it difficult not only with the problem presented, but also with choice of the type of method and the basic approach to the problem.

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Taking into consideration the various methods involved in solving problems related to capital budgeting, it is mandatory that students seek help, with online resources aplenty, but confusing as well. Therefore, a reliable source of information which would not only help solve the problems in the assignment, but also clarify the methodology involved in tackling the problems is very much needed and is guaranteed to be provided by mywordsolution, who by their impeccably outstanding and exceptional services have survived competition from other such service providers and are yearning to expand to include more students in their vista.
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