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Managerial Accounting

Difficulties faced by a student in Managerial accounting Course

Consider, you are a manager in a well-known bank. Being a manager of a bank, you are responsible for various tasks such as supervision on sales achievements, meeting with customers, delegates of other banks or offices, close monitoring on promotion and marketing of banks' products, and so on. So, how will you proceed step by step? For attaining all sort of objectives as mentioned above, you must have information, skills, technique, and most importantly planning.

Thus, you will be surprised to know that, these tasks are added for very well experienced with knowledge of Managerial Accounting. Managerial accounting is nothing but the process which is divided into two parts. One is planning, organizing, supervising, directing, coordinating the activities and other one is knowledge of accounting. Till now you must have understood that, knowledge of managerial accounting plays a pivotal role, not in the field of banking but almost every field.

Although, managerial accounting seems extremely important but there is dearth of quality work. Also, students who wish to learn managerial accounting face many problems like lack of basic mathematics knowledge, negative thinking of the subject, less interest of the subject, time management, lack of practice. Following bar-diagram illustrates in general difficulty level of students for attempting managerial accounting questions.

To solve your queries various sources are available with tip of finger using internettechnology. But, the question remains unanswered? What to search? Where to get good source? How to get? Is it a valid source? So on and so forth. The solution is in frontof you. 

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