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Capital Structure Analysis Ratio – Accounting Assignment Help – Homework Help

Capital Structure Analysis Ratio

Capital Structure Analysis Ratio - Accounting Assessments Writing Service

Importance of Capital Structure Analysis Ratio (Accounting)

Capital Structure Analysis Ratio, the financial ratios extremely useful indicators to measure performance and financial situation of business and can be used to analyze trends and compare financial figures of competitors or the business sector. It can be classified according to the information they provide. Profitability ratios designed to evaluate the ability to generate earnings and profit analysis concerned to the stockholders since they derive revenues in the form of dividends. The profits extremely important to creditors as a source for debt coverage fund, and management uses for performance measure. Viability and capital structure ratios measure the ability to meet obligations and how much the assets financed with debt. They reveal the equity cushion that available to absorb any losses that may occur.

Liquidity ratios measure the ability of a firm to meet short-term obligations and the ability to pay short-term debt concern to anyone interacts with the business. If the business cannot maintain short-term debt-paying ability will not able to maintain long-term debt-paying ability, nor able to satisfy stockholders. The liquidity ratios look at aspects of the assets and relationship to current liabilities. Activity ratios measure the quality of a business receivables and efficiently uses and controls assets, effectively the firm paying suppliers, and whether the business overtrading or under trading on equity using borrowed funds.

Investor ratios, the investors to appraise potential investment opportunities commonly use these Ratios. It connects the number of shares of the business and the stock exchange price, the profits, the dividends and other assets, they measures the overall profit generated for each share in existence over  particular period, and the proportion of earnings retained by the business rather than distributed as dividends and provide guide to the ability of business to maintain dividend payment.  Profitability and efficiency ratios designed to evaluate the business ability to generate earnings and analysis of profit of vital concern to stockholders, since they derive revenue in the form of dividends. Profits also extremely important to creditors, profits the sources of funds for debt coverage, and the management uses profits as a performance measures.

Productivity ratios the quantitative relationship between what businesses produces and the resources that uses. Productivity ratios show the participation of business employees in its financial figures such as profit or assets etc. Balance sheet structure ratios show the participation of business financial figures in balance sheet structure and income structure ratios show the structure of business profit and loss accounts. Capital structure ratios measure the ability to meet the obligations and how much of the assets financed with debt. It reveal equity cushion available to absorb any losses that may occur, capital structure ratios also called debt utilization ratios or leverage ratios, compare the funds supplied by the owners equity with the funds provided by creditors debt. 

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Capital Structure Analysis Ratio Accounting Assignment Writing Service Online

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