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Costing Methods in Accounting

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Costing methods are the techniques used by any organization to arrive at a cost for their product so that they can use that to determine the price of their product or services.

Importance of study costing methods - Accounting in academic curriculum

Every organization is different in nature, and so are their products. Due to this, there are various costing methods which have been derived to fit-in and suits the needs of each organization. Currently, there are these following types of costing methods used globally for cost accounting:

  • Job costing
  • Uniform costing
  • Process costing
  • Unit costing
  • Contract costing
  • Batch costing
  • Operating costing
  • Multiple costing

All these methods have the same objective but have different methods of calculations and results. Each organization depending on their products and services decides which method to adapt.

Difficulty encountered by students while solving costing methods problems

For a student studying cost accounting as a subject, it becomes very important to know all the methods of costing in detail along with the usage for each type of costing. The study of all these methods at once and understanding their practical implications can be very hard to understand for any student. In addition to this, the problems of cost accounting which use different costing methods can be even more challenging. There are hundreds of types of organizations around the world and to ensure that they use Standardized costing methods, costing methods become complex so as to suit the needs of all.

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