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Fundamental Accounting Equation - Homework Help - Assignment Help

Fundamental Accounting Equation

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Fundamental refers to the rules or basic principles of a particular thing which are necessary to fulfill in order to achieve your target successfully. Accounting is an art of recording, classifying and summarizing the transactions. It is a whole sole process of recording the events which are in terms of money. After recording all the transactions it is being classified i.e. distributing them in the appropriate heads. Once all this process takes places all these transactions are collectively summarized as a final result. Equation is the process of equating two items. It equates two equations by keeping both along with the sign "=".

The fundamental of accounting equation refers to the mathematical expression that shows that a firm's liabilities are equal to its assets. We compare different parts of assets and liabilities while keeping them equal. We can express it as


All the above mentioned three are the main base of accounting. Assets refer to all the resources or the items owned by the company or a firm like property, furniture, money etc. which can be calculated in the terms of money. Liabilities means all the amount or money which a company has to repay like loans, debts etc. Capital is also a part of liability but this is not be repaid instead a firm has to pay a constant profit in return. Capital is the amount invested by the owner of the firm. This is the base amount invested as an investment in the company but will always appears on the liabilities side. In others words capital is excess of assets over external liabilities. All the three are the essential part of a balance sheet or we can say they are the main things for the composition of balance sheet.

Difficulties faced by an International Student in Solving Accounting Problems

Students may sometimes fail to solve these equations or to find out appropriate answers. As there are equations which are usually placed at wrong side or sometimes they records transactions which are not to needed to be record. Students usually face problems while treating entries on the same side. In other words they got confused while solving the transactions which do not affect the balance of either of the side. They sometimes got confused whether to show the transactions related to outstanding and prepaid in the equation or not. Even some got issues to where to show it. Each and every student has a different set of problems to deal in. Some starts facing problem in distributing things as assets or liabilities where some get problems at the advance stage. All the stages are different from one another but need attention.

As every student has a different set of problems they need different solutions time to time. The one facing problems at earlier stages or at the beginners level needs more time and attention to rectify their errors or to overcome their fear of accounting as it serves to be the base of accounting. Whereas the one who face problem in the later times or at the advance level need immediate attention at that same point of time. As the time is very auspicious for them if they fail to clear their doubts at that same spot. They may have to start it all over, which may leads to the disappointment and lack of interest in confidence in students.

Fundamental of Accounting Equation - Homework Help - Assignment Help

The problem becomes broad if student is studying abroad, due to new environment, cultural difference and language difference, the students are facing more difficulties and thus they are looking for help online.

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