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Capital Market Analysis Ratios

Capital Market Analysis Ratios - accounting course assistance online! Get solved problems from qualified accounting tutors

Importance of Capital Market Analysis Ratios (Accounting) in Academic Curriculum

 Capital Market Analysis Ratio brings out the concepts of shares ratios in terms of their profitability or loss, equity values and dividend yields in stock markets and compares cash dividends with net income of a concern.  This is a complex analysis of ratios by which the company can project itself in the stock market by ensuring the dividends to be provided to the shareholders.  In terms of academic curriculum, students are supposed to be aware of the various ratios involved in the capital market analysis to ultimately calculate the dividends, net income and earnings per share invested.  It compares the finance of the company with the investment in market shares.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Capital Market Analysis Ratios (Accounting) problems

    The basic concepts of the ratios for calculating dividends invested shares pricing, a book value of shares, and so on requires a thorough understanding of the way in which investment has been made in the capital market so that a meaningful relationship could be established between the capital involved and the returns obtained.  This will be cumbersome for the students to calculate based on individual ratios and they might get confused on the type of ratio to be utilized for specific aspects.  The students might also be in a dilemma whether to express it as percentage values or simply numeral or as a reciprocal value, which is usually done when the ratio is greater than one; therefore, an in-depth understanding of the accounting of capital market analysis ratio is essential for the students to gain mastery of the topic.  Using market analysis ratios, students should know about the performance of a company. 

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