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Ratio Analysis


A ratio is simply one number expressed in terms of another. It is found by dividing one number by the other. The relationship of one item to another, expressed in simple mathematical form is known as a ratio.

Ratio analysis is an art of determining the relationship between a different component of a financial statement so as to afford a meaningful understanding of profitability and solvency of business concern.

Importance of ratio analysis in academic curriculum

Ratio Analysis depicts the financial position of a company pertaining to certain types of comparisons like the investment of a company, liquidity and assets, profitability, and so on.   Without considering the extent of the company, ratio analysis could be used to compare the performances of two different companies.  This is used in academic curriculum to enable the students to understand the way in which a company is performing with respect to profitability, turnover and liquidity. This involves the students in the affairs of a company in future in terms of an investor, creditor or as a financial executive.

Ratio analysis helps estimation of the present as well as future earnings of an enterprise. It helps in taking decisions in various segments of the business enterprise.

Ratio analysis helps in determining the overall efficiency of an enterprise by making the use of financial information provided by management. It helps in ascertaining the short term and long run solvency of the firm, which is helpful for various parties interested in the business concern.

Ratio analysis also helps in making inter-firm as well as intra-firm comparison. These comparisons help the management in rating their operations with other firms as well as with their own past results.

Ratio analysis also helps in the formulation of business policies and budgets. The result obtained from ratio analysis helps in forecasting, this helps in directing the management in the formulation of policies of the business.

Ration analysis also helps in comparing profitability and financial soundness of different firms in an industry as well as different time periods of the same firm. It helps in understanding the overall financial position of the firm. It also helps in determining ideal standards for various departments which help in determining the efficiency of a business enterprise.

Ratio analysis plays a very important role in academic curriculum as it helps the students to learn many things related to the business like the long run and short term flexibility, solvency, liquidity of the firm. It is one of the most important and confusing topics of financial accounting. It will help the students to learn to judge managerial efficiency. It helps the students to set ideal standards. It also helps the students to do comparative study and simplification of data with the help of which they will be able to forecast the business efficiency.

Difficulties faced by students in solving ratio analysis problems

Though ratio analysis may seem to be a simple calculation, there are certain practical difficulties for students as they will find their experience insufficient to select a suitable ratio. It would seem hypothetical to bring in a comparison using ratio analysis between two companies which would differ in most of the aspects.  The students may also find it difficult to understand terminologies pertaining to ratio analysis calculations like gross profit, net profit, and so on.

Students have to face a lot of problems in calculating accounting ratios. The most difficult problem they have faced is to learn the formulas properly as the formulas create a lot of confusion in student's mind. Students also have confusions like which formula or which ration is used find what? They get confused in determining the significance of a particular ratio. The relationship between ratios is very difficult to learn. It creates a lot of confusion in student's mind.

While completing ratio analysis students have to work hard and need guidance as it is not easy to complete it alone especially when a case study is given.

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