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Methods of Financing

Methods of Financing

Finance is the blood of every business. Any business which wants to start running requires financing, whether internal or external.

Importance of Methods of Financing in Academic Curriculum

In modern day, there are numerous ways in which a business can get financed. Some of these ways are:

1.   "Venture Capitalist": Firms who invest initial or growth capital for equity.

2.    "Friends & Family": You know what they say, "It all starts in the family".

3.    "Crowdfunding": The practice of raising financial contributions from a large number of people without giving up equity

4.   "Incubators": Solely dedicated to startups and focus on research and business consultations for early-stage companies.

5.   "Guaranteed Loans": The traditional lenders such as Bank and credit.

6.    "Angel Investors": This is accredited investors with the legal ownership equity.

7.    Government Schemes

8.    "Bootstrapping": This is a self- sustaining process without external help through internal cash flow.

It does sound like there are multiple ways to finance a business, but one should remember that each method comes with a cost. So in order to get the best method of financing, it is important that we consider the cost as well the profitability and suitability of the method.  Some of the factors that we should consider before deciding on a source that suits our business needs.

1. Repayment Terms

2. Interest and Fee Structures

3. Cost

4. Risk

5. Long term versus short term borrowing

6. Control

These are usually complex calculations which are based on logic and reasoning as well. As the future of business is uncertain, estimates become even harder.

Difficulties faced by student while solving Methods of Financing problems

Students from all around the world find finance a difficult subject due to the presence of endless formulas and concepts. When they study about the different methods of financing, they have to review about each type in details so that they can check if it is suitable for business. With this come immense formulas and calculations and problems. Since it is uncertain and mostly based on estimation, deriving answers and conclusions become even difficult.

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