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Modern science is the broken into many different branches that it is almost mind-blowing to think that they all are related. However, despite the varied subject of the matter all scientific disciplines are fixed together through their use of the common method the scientific method. The scientific method is the mostly philosophical exercise that is the used to refine of human knowledge.

Science extends the beyond classrooms and laboratories it setting always. The Internet has the vast number of the science resources covering basics of the science, scientific concepts and latest advances in our knowledge of world.

Definition of science:

Science is not merely a collection of the concepts, facts, and useful ideas about the nature, and even the systematic investigation of the nature although both are the common definitions of the science. Science is the method of investigating and nature a way of knowing about the nature that discovers dependable the knowledge regarding it.

The Science is a method of the discovering dependable knowledge about the nature. There are other methods of discovering and the learning knowledge about the nature but science is the only technique that results in acquisition of the reliable knowledge.

Precepts of the Method:

The Different of disciplines may employ the general scientific method in the slightly different ways but the major precepts are the equal:

Verifiability: Any result should be provable. Any person must be able to reproduce and verify any scientific result.

Predictability: Any scientific theory is should enable us to make the predictions of the future events. The precision of these predictions is the measure of strength of the theory.

Falsifiability: The Falsifiability is an important notion in the science and philosophy of the science. For an assertion to be the falsifiable it must be logically possible to make the observation and do the physical experiment that would show assertion to be false.

Fairness: The Data needs to be analyzed as the whole or as a delegate sample.

Stages of the Method:

We will get into the more details in the following; but basic steps to the scientific method are as follows:

*Observe the natural of phenomenon,

*Make the hypothesis about phenomenon,

*Test to the hypothesis,

Once a hypothesis has been tested if it is the true we can work to find and more evidence we can find the counter-evidence. If the hypothesis is the false, we create the new hypothesis and try again.

The Pillars of Science:

The Faculty comprises of six departments. Individually or in the collaboration with the others within or outside Faculty of the Science, these departments are develop and offer the programmers that will stand the graduates in good stead when they are embark on their careers and pursue further studies.

*Biological science





*Statistics and applied probability

Why science is very important:

Science has leaded us to finding the out things that give us what we have to today. In fact without the science we would not have the electricity which would mean no internet, mobiles, Face book we would not have fridges to keep the food fresh, television to the entertain and even cars to the travel in.

World without the science would mean that we would still be living in very different method to that of what we live. Science started back when two cavemen wondered and what rubbing two sticks together would do. The Science is based on the curiosity and how to. In fact we are the natural Scientists watch the children and you will see that the young children play like the Scientists work, with the investigation.

Today the science influences so many different things that trying to the list them all the would mean this page could go on eternally. Science has influenced medical industry that today reduces the thousands of deaths all day. Science is very helpful: The knowledge produced by the science is influential and dependable. It can be employed to the build up new technologies and treat diseases, or deal with the numerous other sorts of the troubles. Science is the worldwide human venture; People all over the globe participate in procedure of the science.

Advantages: Science has brought about the several outstanding advantages to the mankind. The vast improvements made in field of the medicine have served to the lengthen our life is expectancy and to reduce rate of the preschooler mortality. The discovery of the mechanization better seeds, better techniques of the irrigation and the pest control has worked to increase productivity levels on farms. In the transportation, modern ocean liner, railway, jet plane, and motor vehicle have made our lives more comfortable and provided great possibilities for the modern commercial development and industrialization. The invention of computer has the assisted the process of the calculation in the laboratories.

Disadvantages: Science has been responsible for the pollution and has given us nuclear bomb in which threatens our very subsistence. But in this also fault lies not with the science but rather then with mans of intention to misuse the discoveries of the science. Science is the not inherently good and evil. It is the way to obtain the knowledge of systematical.

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