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Physiology: is the study of the performance of living organisms or their constituent tissues or cells. Physiology was generally considered separately from anatomy till the development of high-powered microscopes made it obvious that structure and function were indivisible at the cellular and molecular levels. Understanding of biochemistry is basic to physiology. Physiological procedures are dynamic; cells modifications their function in answer to modifications in the composition of their local atmosphere, and the organism communicate to alterations in both its internal and its external atmosphere. Most of the physiological reactions are expected at preserving a constant physical and chemical internal atmosphere.

Physiology can be outlined back to Greek natural philosophy, still in our age it has emerged as a complicated experimental science with many sub-specialties. After dissimilarity from its origins in the older branch of anatomy, physiology encompassed the study of physical and chemical functions in the tissues and organs of all livelihoods. The dynamic boundaries of the field are obvious in that neuroscience, bio-physics, pharmacology, endocrinology, and other technical and medical specialties contain roots in physiology. Provided that plant physiology came to be stated as a specialization of botany, though, "physiology" nowadays connotes to the study of life-sustaining body functions and structures of animals, particularly humans.

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