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Humanity is a branch that studies the human circumstances, employing methods which are mainly critical, analytic, or speculative, as distinguished from empirical manners of the natural and social sciences.

Various illustrations of the disciplines related to humanities are very old and modern languages, literature, history, visual and arts (compressing music). Additional subjects at times included in the humanities are anthropology, cultural studies and infrastructure; however these are often observed as social sciences. The scholars operating in the humanities are at times explained as "humanists". However, that word also describes the philosophical place of humanism which numerous "anti-humanist" scholars in the humanities decline.

Humanities are the ideas, stories, and the terms that aid us making prudence of our lives and our globe. The humanities commence us to people we have in no way met, regions we encompass never visited, and thoughts that might have never exasperated our minds. By exhibiting how others have endured and thought about life, it assist us to make a decision what is important in our own lives and what we can perform to make them improved. By connecting us with other society, they point the means to answers regarding what is right or wrong, or what is right to our heritage and our past times. It aids us to address the dares we face altogether in our families, and in our communities, and as a monarchy.

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