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Introduction of CSS/HTML:          

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) are the two of core technologies for building the Web pages. HTML provides the structure of pages and CSS provides the (aural and visual) layout, for a variety of the devices. Along with the scripting and graphics, CSS and HTML are the foundation of building the Web pages and the Web Applications.

What is HTML?

When you write down the normal document using a word processor (like Microsoft Word/Office), your text is saved in the file with a special format (layout). This is not simply saved as string of words you typed since document needs to protect the things like font you chose, size of the text, which words are in italics, which are in bold, and so on. The special format includes all the extra information so that next time the Word opens your document; it can show the document with the accurate appearance you created earlier.

In same way, the web pages are simply strings of words, put into a special format that the web browsers are capable to display. While format of the Word documents is simply called the "Word format", slackly speaking, one might say that the web pages are formatted using the "HTML"(Hyper Text Markup Language).

Thus HTML is the language for describing structure of the Web pages. HTML gives the means to:

* Retrieve the online information through the hypertext links, ( at the click of a button).

* Publish the online documents with the headings, tables, text, photos, lists etc.

* It includes the spread-sheets, sound clips, video clips and the other applications directly in their documents.

* It design the forms for conducting transactions with the remote services, for use in making reservations, ordering products, searching for information etc.

What is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?

CSS is the language for describing presentation of the Web pages, including layout, fonts and colors. It allows one to adapt presentation to the different types of devices, such as small screens, large screens or printers. The CSS is independent of the HTML and it can be used with any of XML-based markup language. Separation of the HTML from the CSS makes it easier to share style sheets across pages, maintain sites and tailor the pages to diverse environments.

Why is HTML so important?

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), is very important because it is the backbone (stamina) of every type of WebPages. Every webpage has some HTML codes in it. HTML is the language of Internet, without HTML there would not be any of wonderful websites. Once a page is coded in HTML, styles & the layout information can be added using the CSS, the user-interactivity can be added with the JavaScript language.

Without the HTML programming language there would be no Facebook, no internet, YouTube. And how would we be able to do our homework? If we lived in the world without the internet communication would be significantly affected we would not be able to access information we do nowadays as the quickly and as the efficiently, the world would be unrecognizable.

Why CSS is so important?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the style sheets that are linked to XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) of your website.

The CSS code allows the Web developers to acquires the control of many aspects of your site, such as colors, fonts,  styling and positioning of the data, while XHTML code of your site deals with actual substance and the structure of your website. Think of XHTML as the basic establishment and the structure of your house and CSS as the room layout, design and color scheme. The CSS is downloaded once and stored in the cache memory so the pages will load faster.

Difference between HTML and CSS

* HTML is the standard and most basic language in use to create the web pages and it has a very simple code structure that makes it tremendously simple to learn and pick-up compared to the any other language. CSS is a style sheet language that can be used to any XML document. The basic purpose of CSS is to simplify the styling of the certain elements so that written code would be a lot easier to read.

* HTML is rather simple with a small number of keywords that are committed to the formatting the certain sentences, paragraphs or words. It is also fairly forgiving with the mistakes, still viewing some result even when there are errors in code.

CSS can still be beneficial for the small pages but benefits are more evident as the size of page grows. CSS does this by creating the custom tags that defines proper size, color, font, margin, and even background.


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