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Magento is the ecommerce platform which lets you list the items for sale online as part of an online shopping. This supports checkout with numerous different payment techniques, a variety of extensions, and is at present the fastest rising solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Magento is a professional open-source, feature-rich ecommerce solution which provides merchants whole flexibility and control over the appearance, content and functionality of their online store. Magento's instinctive administration interface includes powerful marketing; merchandising and content management devices to offer merchants the power to make sites which are tailored to their exclusive business requirements, putting no constraints on business procedures and flow. Whenever Magento was introduced in the year 2007, it converted the ecommerce platform market. In a time period of 18 months, Magento surpassed 1 million downloads and now records billions of dollars of transactions globally by tens of thousands of merchants.

Magento is written in PHP and employs the Zend Framework (that is MVC based) and utilizes an EAV-based My-SQL database. The system is extremely modular and Magento's architecture handles module database plan updates on their own.

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