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Object Oriented Programming:

OOP stands for "Object-Oriented Programming" refers to a programming method which is based on objects, rather than just functions and procedures. Such objects are organized into classes that permit individual objects to be grouped altogether. Most of the modern programming languages comprising Java, C or C++, and PHP, are object-oriented languages, and a lot of older programming languages now encompass object-oriented versions.

An "object" in an OOP language refers to a particular type, or "instance," of a class. All object has a structure identical to other objects in the class, however can be assigned individual characteristics. An object can as well call functions, or methods, particular to that object. For illustration, the source code of a video game might comprise a class which states the structure of characters in the game. Individual characters might be stated as objects, which permit them to have dissimilar appearances, skills, and capabilities. They might also execute various tasks in the game, which are running using each object's particular methods.

Object-oriented programming makes it simpler for programmers to structure and organize the software programs. Since individual objects can be altered without affecting other aspects of the program, it is as well easier to update and modify programs written in object-oriented languages. Since software programs have grown bigger over the years, OOP has made developing such big programs more manageable.

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