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C program begins inside the function that is called main function. Function is simply a collection of the commands that do something. The main function is all the time called when a program first executes. From main we can call the other functions whether they are written by us and by others or use built-in the language features. To access standard functions that comes with the compiler, you need to include the header with #include directive.

C++ is a programming language it will allow to control the computer making it do what you want it to do.  This collection of the commands is usually called C++ source code source code and presently code. Commands are both functions and keywords. Keywords are basic building block of language, while functions are in fact usually written in the terms of simpler functions.

C++ is the general purpose of programming language. It has to imperative object-oriented and generic programming features while also providing facilities for the low level memory manipulation. It is designed with the bias for systems programming, with the performance, efficiency and the flexibility of use as its design requirements. C++ has also been found valuable in several other contexts, including the desktop applications, performance critical applications, servers, and entertainment software, such as the video games.

It is the compiled language, with the implementations of it available on several platforms. A range of organizations provide them including FSF, LLVM, Microsoft and the Intel.

A Brief History of C, C++:

C programming language was developed at Bell Labs during early 1970's. The Quite unpredictably it derived from the computer language named B and from earlier the language BCPL. The Initially designed as system programming language under the UNIX it expanded to have the wide usage on several different systems. Earlier versions of the C became known as K&R C after authors of an earlier book, The C Programming Language by the Kernighan and Ritchie. As the language further developed and the standardized, a version knows as ANSI C became leading.

Bjarne Stroustrup at the Bell Labs initially developed by C++ during early 1980's. It was designed to the support of features of the C such as competence and the low-level support for the system level coding. Added to this were the features such as the classes with inheritance and the virtual functions derived from the Simula67 language, and the operator overloading, derived from Algol68.

Differences between C and C++

The languages share common syntax they are so different in nature. C is the procedural language. When approaching the programming challenge the general method of the solution is to break the task into consecutively smaller subtasks. This is known as the top-down design. C++ is object-oriented language. To solve the problem with C++ the first step is to design classes that are the abstractions of physical objects. These classes contain both states of the object, and the capabilities of object, its methods. After the classes are intended, a program is the written that uses these classes to explain the task at hand.

Advantages of C and C++

1. The Powerful and flexible language - What can be achieved is only limited by the imagination.  It is used for the Operating System, parsers, compilers, interpreters, search the engine word processors and the graphic programs.

2. The Portable programming language - C program written for one computer system that can be compiled and run on the another system.

3. Is the language of less keyword - The Handful of terms that called keywords in which language's functionality is built.

4. Modular - Written in the routines called functions and classes, can be reused in the other applications and programs.

5. Standardized - Many standards have been maintained, documented, and updated for the C and C++ as standard references for solving portability and the many other issues.

C++ is Object Oriented Programming:

C++ provides number of the features that spruce up C language mainly in the object-oriented programming aspects and data type security.  Though if you have to study the C++, you will find that type security of the C++ also not so safe, actually the secure codes are depend on the programmers themselves. Object are basically reusable software components that the model items in the real world. Using a object-oriented design, modular, and implementation, can speed up program development and make same software development group and up to many times more productive than conventional programming techniques.

Objects of the C.C++:

There are many objects of programming;

a. Encapsulation,

b. Inheritance.

Fundamental of data types:

The Fundamental data types are basic types of implemented directly by language that represents basic storage units supported natively by the most systems. They can be mostly classified into:

1. Character types: They can be represent a single character such as A or $. The most basic type is the char, which is one-byte character.

2. Numerical integer types: They can store the whole number value such as the 7 or 1024. They exist in the variety of the sizes, and can either be signed and unsigned, depending on the whether they support negative values or not.

3. Floating-point types: They can represent real values, such as 3.14 or 0.01, with different levels of the precision, depending on which of three floating point that types is used.

4. Boolean type:  Boolean type, known in the C++ as bool can only represent one of the two states that is  true or false.

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