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JavaScript is the most popular language (programming language) in the web development. It is the language for the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), for computers, for the Web, servers, tablets, laptops, smart phones, and more. JavaScript has many uses ranging from examination the values submitted by the forms to controlling the interactive widgets, such as accordions, flyout menus and tabbed panels. It is also used to create the photo galleries, and to take new information from web server to refresh substance without the need to reload the page.


JavaScript was created in 10 days in May 1995 by the Brendan Eich. JavaScript was not constantly known as JavaScript, its original name was Mocha, this name was chosen by Marc Andreessen, who is the founder of Netscape. In September of 1995 its name was changed to the LiveScript, then in December of same year, ahead receiving a trademark license from the Sun, the name JavaScript was adopted.


Without JavaScript an HTML page is a static one. The JavaScript can make a website more interactive and the user- friendliness of JavaScript helps in easy navigation of website and helps the designers to guide visitors with the additional guide or information them through walkthroughs. The Visual effects can also be achieved with the help of JavaScript. JavaScript can be used effectively to produce special effects like rollover for the images.

JavaScript not only supports the web pages but it also supports the external applications like running widgets, PDF documents, supporting for the flash applications etc. JavaScript has emerged in the web industry like a boom.

JavaScript stands unique as it brings out the all exceptional functionalities in client's browser instead of site's server. JavaScript role can never be denied. The JavaScript can act as both procedural language and object oriented language.


* JavaScript is dynamic in nature.

Many things can be distorted. For example, you can freely remove and add properties or fields of objects after they have been formed. And you can directly create the objects, without creating an object plant (e.g., a class) first.

*JavaScript is dynamically typed-Variables and the object properties can always grasp the values of any type.

*JavaScript is functional and object-oriented in nature.

JavaScript supports the two types of programming language paradigms: 1) Functional programming and 2) Object-oriented programming.


JavaScript allows you to do the following language concepts:

* It creates a set of commands or the subroutines called a method.

* JavaScript defines the conditional constructs that can respond differently based on the some value, input or situation.

* It can also create the looping constructs using if, then, and else logic.

* It defines the events that activate the JavaScript's based on a user's exploit.


JavaScript is an object-based language. It is based on the prototypes, rather than being class-based. Because of this type different basis, it can be fewer apparent how the JavaScript allows you to create the hierarchies of the objects and to have inheritance of the properties and their ethics (values).


The Class-based object-oriented languages, such as the Java and the C++, are founded on the concept of the two different entities: 1) classes and 2) instances.

1) A class defines all of the properties (considering fields and methods in Java, or the members in C++ language, to be properties) that characterize a certain set of the objects. A class is an abstract article (thing), rather than any particular member of the set of the objects it describes.

2) On the other hand, An instance, is the instantiation of a class; i.e. one of its members. An instance has exactly the properties of its parent class.


The JavaScript programming language is possibly one of the most popular languages. There are so many promises with this plain, but rich, scripting type language. There are some facts that it provides tools to allow the website visitors to interact with the web page after it downloads is dominant. This article lays establishment for understanding the fundamentals of JavaScript programming language.


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