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The Sybase is a computer software company that develops and sells the database management system and the middleware products. The company was founded in the1984, and headquarters offices are in the Emeryville, CA. The Sybase was first enterprise DBMS for Linux operating system.

The Sybase products have found the extensive application, particularly in industrial, commercial and in the military communications systems. The Spanish telecommunications operator Airtel uses the Sybase Adaptive Server IQ Multiplex (ASIQ) to the standardize its business information. The Telstra, an Australian telecommunications provider, uses the data-visualization software powered by the Sybase ASIQ Multiplex to optimize its mobile phone network management capability. The Primark uses the Sybase MQSeries Integrator to maximize the optimize reliability, transaction rates and permit the customization of inputs and the outputs. The Sybase claims that its MQSeries Integrator makes it possible to add the new data formats to meet needs of the clients, and to accommodate the diverse system architectures at the client locations. The Sybase SQL Anywhere, embedded in the Geodyn FxView, is used in the two-way communications between the military command centers and the soldiers in field.

Reasons why the Sybase will be in your future?

Applications developed using the Sybase have now been running for the while. They provide the adequate service to business community. There is absolutely no guarantee that the migrating these applications to the other DBMS, such as the Oracle, will result in same level of the service and, consequently, business will not suffer. Additionally, there has been no recognized, the published case where a migration from the Sybase to the Oracle or otherwise has resulted in a noticeable presentation gain.

The Sybase products are commonly perceived within DBA community to be very consistent and easier to maintain and compared to peers like the Oracle.

Any move from the Sybase to the other DBMS have got to be justified in terms of current level of the dissatisfaction with the Sybase and level of desire to use the other.

The exit the barriers from the Sybase and entry barriers to the others are high. For a medium-to-large application, it will take an average of the ten years for the investment for ROI. A easy cost or benefit analysis will confirm this statement.

Sybase enjoys a far more favorable the Total Cost of ownership (TCO) compared to the Oracle.

Following TCO, on the average, based upon the experience in City, one requires 2.5 Oracle DBAs to provide a same level of the service as a single Sybase DBA.

The Sybase is fairly modular with a easier syntax. This needs to be contrasted with what the Oracle offers. In most cases with the Oracle, you require a third-party product to permit the DBA to decrease his/her workload. Perhaps that may be a motive why the TOAD, a non-Oracle product, is the most popular GUI interface for Oracle!

The majority of the complex trading systems of bank use the sophisticated replication technology to provide the publisher-subscriber or the peer-to-peer replication. At this juncture, none of competitors, including the Oracle, can provide same degree of the functionality that Sybase Replication server offers. This will expose the banks to unnecessary risks. Buying the third party products, such as the Golden Gate etc., will add the additional complexity, dependency on the multiple vendors and the cost.

The Linux is becoming an ideal and the cost-effective platform for development teams and the small- to medium-sized companies. With availability of the heterogeneous dump and the load of Sybase databases across the different operating systems, the Sybase, by the virtue of its modularity and ease of use is an ideal DBMS for the Linux. This needs to be contrasted with the Oracle which is, pound for the pound, a far heavier beast and the resource hungry.

Solve Mobility Challenges with Sybase Unwired Platform

Extending your enterprise business processes, the data, and the information away from office is critical to the success in today's business environment, however, achievement of the  truly mobile enterprise entails the many technical challenges. The Sybase® Unwired Platform provides a development and the deployment platform that solves the challenges, supports the mobile applications to fit your enterprise mobility use the case, and helps to balance the device user requirements with the enterprise requirements.

The mobility solutions present the complexity for IT organization. These complexities may contain, but are not limited to, lack of the integrated solutions, heavy upfront the costs for the large-scale customization requirements, and lack of repeatable development and the deployment models. The Sybase Unwired Platform deal with these complexities by providing a platform-based answer that permits you to:

1)Leverage existing the mobile development tools and the expertise to develop the mobile applications.

2)Develop a mobile applications to meet your users' data needs and access the data from a variety of the enterprise information systems.

3)Organize to a variety of the mobile device platforms.

4)Configure and control the runtime environment to the complement areas of your existing infrastructure and the security.

The Sybase Unwired Platform supports the development and the deployment of several categories of the mobile applications to meet enterprise system access desires of your business scenario.

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