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Introduction of Ajax:

Ajax stands for the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is an efficient way of the web application to handle the user interactions with the web page it is a way that reduces the need to do a page refresh and full page reload for all user interaction. Ajax links are initiated by THE JavaScript code. When Ajax interaction is complete then JavaScript updates HTML source of the page. Ajax links can be used to do things such as the validate form entries  by using server-side logic and retrieve detailed data from the server dynamically update data on the page, then submit partial forms from the page. AJAX is all about updating parts of the web page without reloading whole page.

Definition of Ajax:

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.AJAX is technique for creating the fast and dynamic web pages. AJAX are allows web pages to be updated the asynchronously by exchanging the small amounts of the data with the server in the wake of scenes. That means it is possible to update the parts of a web page, without reloading the entire page. Classic web pages must reload the whole entire page if the content should modify. Examples of applications using AJAX: Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and Face book tabs.

Ajax is not a technology. It is really several technologies, every successful in it is own right coming mutually in the powerful new ways. Data interchange using XML and XSLTA synchronous the data retrieval using XML Http Request.

A brief history of Ajax:

History of Ajax is the similar to various other apparent overnight sensations. Although Ajax seemed to come absent of nowhere, in actuality it had been percolating used for a while. some years of work increase across the Web went interested in creating the patterns and tools that came together under Ajax banner.

AJAX Is Based On the Open Standards:

AJAX is based on the following open standards:

1. Browser-based presentation using the HTM and Cascading Style Sheets.

2. Data stored in the XML format and fetched from the server.

3. JavaScript to make the everything happen.

4. Behind-the-scenes data fetches using the XMLHttpRequest objects in  browser..

How Does Ajax Work?

Ajax is the XmlHttpRequest JavaScript object. JavaScript object was originally introduced in the Internet Explorer five, and it is the enabling technology so  that allows asynchronous requests.

Increase the site performance by the reducing amount of the data downloaded from the server. If we use Ajax to calculate new total, the server can be respond with just the new total cost, thus reducing the required bandwidth hundred fold. Eliminate page refreshes to each time there is the user input. With Ajax when the user clicks Edit we can redraw static table into the table with the editable contents. Once the user clicks done we can spawn  Ajax request to update the server and redraw  table to have the static and display-only data.

Technologies used in Ajax:

The term Ajax has come to the represent a broad group of the Web technologies that can be used to the implement of a Web application that communicates with server in the background without interfering with current state of the page. Explained the following technologies are incorporated here:

1. HTML or CSS for presentation.

2. XML for the interchange of the data and XSLT for its manipulation

3. The Document Object Model for the dynamic display and interaction with the data

4. JavaScript to bring these technologies together.

5. The XMLHttpRequest is object for asynchronous communication.

Since then there have been a number of developments in technologies used in Ajax application.

Advantages of Ajax:

1. Our page will be more pleasant to the use when we can update parts of it without refresh which causes a browser to flicker and the status bar to run.

2. Only load data we need to update the page instead of refreshing the entire page you save bandwidth.

Disadvantages of Ajax:

1. Because the updates are done by the JavaScript on the client the state will not register in the browsers history making it impossible to use the Forward and Back buttons to navigate between various states of page.

2. For the same reason a specific state cannot be bookmarked by user.

3. Data loaded via AJAX won't be indexed by any of major search engines.

4. People using the browsers without JavaScript support and with the JavaScript disabled will not be able to use the functionality that you provide via AJAX.

Problems of Ajax:

1. Breaks the Back button

2. Works only on latest browser

3. Harder to the make or maintain

4. Goes against user expectation

5. The Accessibility issue

Conclusion: Ajax is now a easy technique but it is a technique that has revolutionized the method that web sites operate. Fortunately it is a painless revolution that all web pages developer can benefit from. The term Ajax has come to the represent a broad group of the Web technologies that can be used to the implement a Web application that communicates with the server in background without interfering with current state of page.

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