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My-SQL, pronounced either "My Sequel" or "My S-Q-L" is an open source RDBMS. It is totally based on the Structured query language (SQL), which is employed for adding, eliminating, and modifying information in the database. Standard SQL commands, like ADD, DROP, INSERT, and UPDATE can also be employed with My-SQL.

My-SQL can be employed for a range of applications, however is most generally found on Web servers. A website which uses MySQL might comprise Web pages which access information from a database. Such pages are frequently termed as "dynamic," meaning the content of each page is made from a database as the page loads. Websites which use dynamic Web pages are frequently termed to as database-driven websites.

Most of the database-driven websites which use MySQL also utilizes a Web scripting language such as PHP to access information from the database. MySQL commands can be integrated into the PHP code, allowing portion or all of a Web page to be generated from database information.

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