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The Acme Day Care Center is the premier provider of child care services in Montgomery County. It gives support for children ages 3-6 years. It operates the given 4 classes:

A) Class for 3-year olds.
B) Class for 4-year olds.
C) Class for 5-year olds.
D) Class for 6-year olds.


The Center requires a basic website to permit its administrator to do the given functions.

a) Enroll children into the center.
b) Assign children to one of 4 classes.
c) List children by class.


1) Design the database tables required to store children and class information. In addition to the attributes, be sure to recognize the needed primary keys and foreign keys.

2) prepare the SQL statements to create the tables. The SQL statements require be typing into a .sql file and submitting on Blackboard for grading.

3) Insert reference data for the classes. The insert statements should as well be included in the .sql file and submitted on Blackboard for grading. (You can use the same .sql file created in #2)

4) prepare the PhP pages which perform the functions needed.

5) Upload the php files to the server and describe your application to the class.

6) Include the SQL file and the php files into a single zip file and upload to the Blackboard.

Extra problem:

Allow the website to support multiple administrators by using a login or password for each administrator. You can set up the administrators on the back-end using insert statements that is, no UI required to set up administrator accounts.

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