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You will construct two classes that represents an individual poker card and a complete 52 deck of cards. This lab is intended to prepare you for your next homework, so pay attention!

UML Diagram

Below is a UML diagram representing the required classes:

Card Class

We use the card class to represent an individual poker card. This includes:

Suit_t _suit

Suit_t is an enum that contains the four poker suits: Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade.

Rank_t _rank

Rank_t is an enum that contains all possible card ranks, e.g., 2-10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.


The card class has two constructors: a default constructor that sets the initial value of the card's suit to be Club and rank to be 2. The second constructor accepts a suit and rank as input parameters.


Returns the card's Suit_t value in ENUM form.


Returns the card's Suit_t value in string form. E.g. "Ace" or "Clubs".


Returns the card's Rank_t in ENUM form.


Returns the card's Rank_t value in string form. E.g. "Two", or "Jack".

Deck Class

The deck class will be used to represent a standard 52 card poker deck. This includes:

Card _cards[52]

This is an array of 52 unique cards.

int _used_indices[52]

This variable is used to track previously dealt cards. For ex, assuming that _cards[0] represents the two of clubs, having putting a value of "1" inside _used_indices[0] could indicate that the two of clubs has been dealt and cannot be used again until the deck gets reshuffled.


The Deck's constructor should initialize a fresh deck of 52 unique cards.


Calling this function will "zero out" _used_indices, which results in a fresh deck of cards.


This function will randomly select a card from _deck and return it to the user.

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