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problem1. prepare down the class 'Ingredient' to contain the following:-

i) Integer variable: ingredient_id

ii) String variables: ingredient_name, type

iii) double-precision variable: quantity

iv) Set methods for each of the variables

v) Get methods for each variable                   

problem2. prepare down the class 'Vegetable' to contain the following:-

i) Integer variable: vegetable_id

ii) String variable: vegetable_name

iii) Double-precision variable: cost

iv) Set methods for each data member

v) Get methods for each data member                 
problem3. prepare down the class 'Recipe' to contain the following:-

i) Integer variable: recipe_id

ii) String variables: recipe_name, preparation_procedure

iii) double-precision variable: preparation_time

iv) An object of type Ingredient

v)  An object of type Vegetable

vi) Set methods for the data members:  recipe_id,  recipe_name,  preparation_procedure and preparation_time

vii) Get methods for the variables: recipe_id, recipe_name, preparation_procedure   and preparation_time                       
problem4. prepare down the class 'CookMeal' to perform the following:-

i) Create an object of type 'Recipe'

ii) Request the user to enter value for each data member of 'Recipe' using the input dialog of JOptionPane.

iii) Enter values for each data member of the 'Ingredient' object contained in 'Recipe'

iv) Enter values for each variable of the 'Vegetable' object contained in 'Recipe'

v) Display the values using the message dialog of JOptionPane.

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