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problem1) prepare a program to delete an element from the array and shift the elements

(a)Towards right.

(b)Towards left.

problem 2) prepare a program to delete all the occurrences of a given value from the array and shift the remaining elements to the left of the array.

problem 3) prepare a program to delete duplicate elements from an array.

problem 4) prepare a program to insert a value in the array at desired location.

problem 5) prepare a program to insert a value in the sorted array.

problem 6) prepare a program to sort an array.

• Using bubble sort technique

• Using selection sort technique

• Using insertion sort technique.

• Using Quick sort technique

• Using Heap sort technique.

problem 7) prepare a program to check that given array is sorted in ascending / descending order.

problem 8) prepare a program to search a value in the array using

• Linear search technique.

• Using binary search technique.
problem 9) prepare a program to count the number of occurrences of a given number in an integer array.

problem 10) An array consists of 50 integers in the range of 1 to 25, prepare a program that printsthe number of times each integer occurs in the array.

problem 11) A, B, C are the arrays of integers of size a, b, a + b, prepare a program to produce athird array C containing all the elements of array A and B.

problem 12) prepare a program to add and multiply two large integers, which cannot be represented by built in data types.

problem 13) prepare a program to delete all elements in between and occupying two specified positions.

problem 14) prepare a program to search the first occurrence a given sub array within another array.

problem 15) prepare a program to merge 4 arrays a, b, c, d in one array. All the arrays are in ascending order.

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