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problem 1) prepare a program to input the marks of a student and print the result (passing marks = 40 %).

problem 2) prepare a program to input the age of the person and check that he is eligible for license for not.

problem 3) prepare a program to check that given year is a leap year or not.

problem 4) prepare a program to input number and check whether it is even or odd.

problem 5) prepare a program to input a number and check that number is divisible by 7 or not.

problem 6) According to Gregorian calendar, it was Monday on the date 01/01/1900. If any year is input through the keyboard prepare a program to find out what is the day on 1st January of this year.

problem 7) prepare a program to input the name and age of a person and display “CHILD” or “TEENAGER” according to the age.

problem 8) prepare a program to input the salary of a person and find out the hra and da according to thefollowing conditions:

Salary                 HRA               DA
5000-10000       10%                 5%
10001-15000     15%                 8%

problem 9) prepare a program to input marks in five subjects of a student and find out the divisionaccording to the following conditions:

Percentage             Division
>=60                        First
50-59                      Second
40-49                     Third
<40                          Fail

problem 10) An electricity board charges according to the following rates: For the first 100 units - 40 paisa per unit.For the next 200 units- 50 paisa per unit. beyond 300 units - 60 paisa per unit.All users are charged meter charges also, which are Rs. 50/-

problem 11) prepare a program to input monthly salary from the user and find out the income taxaccording to the following rules:

Salary                income tax
>=9000                     40% of the salary
7500-8999                30% of the salary
<7500                       20% of the salary

problem 12) prepare a program to input the selling price and cost price from the user and determine whether the seller has made profit or incurred loss. Also display the value of profit or loss.

problem 13) prepare a program to input a character and check that it’s a small letter, capital letter, a digit or a special symbol.

problem 14) prepare a program to input two integers and determine that first is multiple of second.

problem 15) prepare a program to input a character and check that it’s a vowel or a consonant.

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