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problem 1) prepare a program to convert a small letter into capital letter and vice versa.

problem 2) prepare a program to input the marks of a student in five subjects and find out the gradeaccording the following conditions:

Marks      Grade

>90         S

76-90      A

61-75      B

51-60      C

0-50        D

<40        Fail

problem 3) prepare a program to input the sales made by a salesman and find out the commissionaccording to the following conditions:

Sales              Commission

1-10000             4%

10001-20000     5%

20001-30000     6%

>30000             7%

problem 4) prepare a program to convert the temperature according to the following conditions:

Choice        Conversion

1                Fahrenheit to Celsius

2                Celsius to Fahrenheit

problem 5) WAP to find out the largest of three numbers.

problem 6) prepare a program to input three numbers and print them in descending order.

problem 7) prepare a program to input a number (1 to 7) and print the weekday name according to thegiven number.

problem 8) prepare a program to input a digit and print the digit in words.

problem 9) prepare a program to input two numbers and a choice and find out the result according to thefollowing conditions:

Choice             Result
1                     Add
2                     Subtract
3                     Multiply
4                    Divide
5                    Remainder

problem 10) prepare a program to input two numbers and an operator and find out the result according tothe following conditions:

Operator                   Result
‘+’                            Add
‘-‘                             Subtract
‘*’                            Multiply
‘/’                            Divide
‘%’                          Remainder

problem 11) prepare a program to compute the area of a circle, a rectangle or a triangle depending upon user’s choice.

Choice            Area
1                     Circle
2                   Rectangle
3                 Triangle

problem 12) prepare a program to input the marks in theory and practical and print the result.

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