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problem 1: In a town, the percentage of men is 52. The percentage of total literacy is 48. If total percentage of literate men  is 35 of the total population, prepare a program to find out the total number of illiterate men and women if the population of town is 80,000.
problem 2: When Cheryl Harrison began her trip from Newyork to Wyoming; she filled her car’s tank with gas and reset its trip meter to zero. After traveling 324 miles, Cheryl stopped at a gas station to refuel; the gas tank needed 17 gallons. Cheryl wants a program that computes and displays her car’s gas mileage at any time during the trip. The gas mileage is the number of miles her car was driven per gallon of  gas. prepare a C code which can implement. 
problem 3: The manager of the Lakeview Hotel wants a program that computes and displays a guest's total bill. Each guest pays a room charge which is based on a per-night rate. For illustration if the per night rate is $100 and the guest stays two nights, the room charge is  $200.Customer as well might incur a one-time room service charge and a one-time telephone charge.
problem 4: prepare a c code which will compute the roots of a quadratic equation a2 + bx + c = 0

problem 5: Hero’s Formula is A method for computing the area of a triangle when you know the lengths of all three sides. Let a, b, c be the lengths of the sides of a triangle. The area is:

A = √p(p -a)(p -b)(p -c)

where, P = (a + b + c)/2

prepare a C-language code to compute area of triangle using above method. Take the three lengths of the triangle from the user and display the area that your program computes.

problem 6: Area of a trapezoid can be computed by the gven formula:
 A = (b1 + b2) x h/2

where b1 and b2 are the parallel sides or the bases and h is length of height.

prepare a C-language code to compute area of a trapezoid using above method. Take required inputs from the user and display the area which your code computes.

problem 7: prepare a C code which can compute volume of the 3D objects that is, box, prism, cylinder and sphere. Take necessary inputs from the user and display the outcomes.

Volume of a box =  l x w x h                           
l = length, w = width, h = height
Volume of sphere = 4/3 πr3

r = radius of sphere
problem 8: prepare a C code to evaluate the following series up to three significant digits:

sin(x) = x − (x3/3!) + (x5/5!) − (x7/7!) . . .
problem 9:  prepare a C function

a) To compute the distance between two points A and B where each point has two values x and y that is, A(x1, y1), B(x2, y2).
distance d = √(x2 - x1)2 + (y2 -y1)2

b) Modify the code in part a) and compute the distance between 3 points. You have to compute the distance between A and B, B and C, and finally between A and C.

Now consider that such three points are forming a triangle. Develop a logic that can lead to compute the area of this triangle. Implement your logic in C language. Take essential inputs and display the results.

problem 10: For the given set of sample data, find out the standard deviation and the mean.

X = -6, -12, 8, 13, 11, 6, 7, 2, -6, -9, -10, 11, 10, 9, 2

2232_standard deviation.jpg

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