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Assignment Objective

This assignment needs you to design, develop and implement a token web application. It is intended to assess your mastery of the web application development concepts and ASP.NET concepts from the course.


The assignment would involve developing a simple application for Quality Books, which is a fictional company selling new books. There are two classes of users, a customer user and an administrator user. The application permits administrators to create book categories and submit books under each category. An administrator could also manage customer orders. A customer could view all the available book categories and the books within a category and search for books according to certain criteria. A customer doesn’t need an account to search for these books. Though, a customer must have a shopping account to order a book. Each order can be of one of the two statuses: waiting or shipped. An administrator needs to use an existing account to login. An administrator can change an order status. An administrator can disable a customer shopping account.

The Quality Books website contains at least two panels: a catalogue panel and a shopping cart panel. A customer can browse the catalogue, place items in the shopping cart, and then place an order. The customers click an add to cart button to add a selected item to the cart, click a checkout button to place the order and click a login button to authenticate entry into the shopping account. If the customer hasn’t registered yet, let the customer register before login. A customer can click a clear button to empty the shopping cart. Each order item in the shopping cart should include the book ID, the quantity, the price and the total cost. Adding the same item twice will increase the quantity of that book by one. The shopping cart should also include a subtotal, a GST(12.5%) and a grand total. We suppose that all of the books have enough copies for ordering.

The application should maintain the needed information for each book within the database. This includes book ID, the tile, the author(s), the category, the price, the description, an image of the book cover. One book might have more than one author and one author may have more than one book. The exs for a book category and its title are Business & Finance (Marketing The One Person Business or The Legal Job Interview), History(A Decade To Remember or Legacy of the Northwoodes) and Health & Living(Take Charge of Your Life! or The Modern Homestead Manual or Health, Healing, and Healers). The information for an author should include the author ID number, the name, the contact phone number (home, work and mobile), the fax number and the address. The information for a customer should include the customer ID, the name, the contact phone number (home, work and mobile), the fax number, and the email address. A customer order should include a list of order items, the status (waiting, shipped), the customer ID, the subtotal, the GST(12.5%) and the grand total. An order item should include the book ID, the quantity, the price and the total cost.

There are three searching criteria: book category, book price range and book author. The price range is specified by a minimum price selected from {10 dollars, 20 dollars, … , 90 dollars, 100 dollars, 200 dollars, …, 1,000 dollars} and a maximum price selected from {10 dollars, 20 dollars, … , 90 dollars, 100 dollars, 200 dollars, …, 1,000 dollars }. The default minimum price should be 10 dollars and the default maximum price should be 1,000 dollars.  The maximum price must be greater than or equal to the minimum price.

Phase 1

Business Specification

Please specify and describe the business rules you are going to implement for this web application. You are allowed to repeat the original requirements. You are expected to expand the original requirements. All the business rules must conform to the original requirements. You could just use English and/or any notation you are familiar with for this part.
User Interface Design

You are needed to design a storyboard for the web application. Additionally to that, you could use English and /or any other notation for supplementary description. Your storyboard should be specific enough for implementation.

Database Design

Please identify all the tables which would be used in the implementation and specify the relationships among the tables, as well as all the fields in each table.

Test Plan

You have to prepare a completed test plan showing

a) test sequences which would exercise all cases and the expected results.

b) the actual results of your tests to be filled during the testing.

c) specify the limitation of the test data

Please make sure that all the user interface and business rules are covered.

Initial Implementation

You have to implement the following

a) The database is implemented which includes all the tables in the design

b) Sufficient and meaningful testing data stored in the database

c) The registration form is implemented

d) The input registration data are saved into the database correctly

e) Quality Books. The home page must include a Quality Books Logo.

f) Contact us link. The home page must include a “contact us” link, which will display some contact details.

Required Features

1. Quality Books logo. The home page must include a Quality Books logo.

2. Contact us link. The home page should include a “contact us” link, which would display some contact details.

3. Administrator login. You will supply a username and a password for an administrator to login. After login, an administrator will see all the information for all the customers, their orders and all the information for all the books their categories and their author(s). The administrator will also be able to perform all the required functions.

4. Register a customer. The application would allow a customer user to register him/her self. A registered customer user could login. Customers should supply a user name, a password, a valid email address and valid phone numbers (home, work and mobile) when they register. After a customer account is successfully created, an email containing the username and the password is sent to the customer automatically for record purpose.

5. Customer login. Only a registered customer could login. A customer should give a username and password to login. After login, the customer should see his/her own details. He/she must also see all the orders listed under his/her name, including waiting/shipped orders.

6. Create a category. The application must provide a user interface which allows an administrator to create a book category.

7. Submit a book. The application should provide a user interface which permits an administrator to submit a book. The administrator should supply all the required information for the book.

8. Search books. The application should provide a user interface that permits a customer to search for the books and display the search results. The application would allow a customer to choose values for the three given searching criteria.

9. Change order status. An administrator could alter an order status from waiting to shipped.

10. Modify information. The application should provide user interfaces that permit the administrator to alter the customer details, the book details and the author details.

11. Add an order item. When an order item is added to the shopping cart, the ID, quantity and price and total cost are displayed. If the similar item is added again, the application must increase the quantity of the item ordered by one.

12. Check out. When checkout button is clicked, all items in the shopping cart are placed in an order, and the login page is displayed. If the customer has not registered yet, a user interface for registration must be provided at this stage.

13. Clear cart. The application must give a user interface to delete all the items in the shopping cart.

14. Disable a customer shopping account. An administrator could disable a customer shopping account. A disabled customer can't login anymore.

Possible Extra Features (Optional)

You have the option to add additional features to your application, such as:

1. Make use of XML files. Use XML files in a meaningful way in your application.

2. Avatar. Permit a user to choose an avatar when he/she registers.

3. Frame. Permit users choose a frame before they post a photo.

4. Online profile. Display the profile for each user.

5. Display an animated banner. Create animated banner and display it on home page.

6. Use rollover buttons.

7. Others. Any other features of your own choosing.

Technical Requirements

1. Code re-use, with functions or other techniques

2. SQL DDL/DML code

3. Error handling tested and demonstrated

4. Web forms - server controls populated with database data

5. Session management demonstrated

6. Application management demonstrated

7. Record information to a log file

8. Data validation

9. Paging data – when data cannot be displayed in one page, display them in several pages

10. Use three layer architecture

11. You must make your own decisions for any detail not specified in this document and these decisions must conform to the original needs.


A test plan is made at the design stage to make sure that a program meets every needs of its specification. In this course, your test plans must include meaningful test data with expected results.

At the testing stage, do the tests and record the actual results on the test plan by circling or ticking the check boxes, either Y or N, and indicating whether expected output was achieved for the test data, or noting the actual results.

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