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1. State and describe 6 types of redirection. Include exs for each.

2. describe what each of the following programs do and give exs of its use:

1) crontab   2) make   3) chmod    4) vi   5) gcc   6) paste    7)join

For the following problems: describe what the commands and arguments will do.

3. chmod 754 test.txt c* 2> describeed.txt

4. cat testfile.txt | sed -e ‘/s/dog/cat/g’ > animals.txt

5. ANIMALS=`date +%d; echo ‘\ndog cat mouse’`

6. if test –z file.txt; then; echo done; else; touch file.txt;

7. paste –d, names.txt address.txt> book.txt 2> errors.txt

8. The file toys.txt has the permissions - r w - - w - - w – prepare the full command to change the permissions on the file for the following problems: (Use the original file permissions given above for each problem.)

i. – r w x r w - r - x

ii. - r - x – w x - - x

iii. d r w - r - - - w x

9. Describe the 5 essential steps in creating a new operating system on a machine.

10. What are virtual machines? Describe a few pros and cons of them.

11. Which of the following are valid variable names?





12. prepare a loop that executes a line of code “echo ‘hello there’” once.

13. describe what types of files are found in the following directories:

a. /dev b. /mnt c. /boot d. /var e./lib

14. prepare a for loop that displays a countdown to the screen.

15. Describe the lifecycle of a project under version control.

16. When would we use the following commands in version control (using subversion) and describe what it does:

a. Svn update

b. Svn delete

c. Svn status

d. Svn commit

e. Svn list

17. Create a script that will do the following:

The script will have a menu that continuously loops until they type ‘EXIT’.

The menu will list off simple options for the user:

1. Open a file – the user will then be asked for the filename and the file will be opened on the screen.

2. Edit a file – the user will then be asked for the filename and the file will be opened in the vi editor

3. Move a file – the user will be asked for the filename to move and the location to move the file to; which afterwards the action will be performed.

4. Copy a file – the user will be asked for the filename to copy and the location to copy the file to; which afterwards the action will be performed.

5. Rename a file – the user will be asked for the filename to rename and then the new name for the file.

6. Update a file – the user will be asked for a filename and then the permissions to update the file with; after which the files permissions would be updated (you can do numeric or text)

7. Exit – this should close the loop.


• Clear the screen and re-display the menu after any requests have been completed or a menu option that is not there is selected.

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