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Purpose of this project is to develop a web application that can be used to keep track of patients registering in a hospital.

A) This application will support features such as searching for availability of beds and search for patients by name and other attributes, etc.

B) Doctors Search is possible.

C) The search facility helps doctors to search for their patients.

General Requirement of the web application:

A) Patients can view different pages in the system if they log in or register, if they don’t have an account but won’t have access to edit patients, doctor’s page.

B) The web application will maintain a list of doctors in the hospital.

C) The System will maintain a list of beds/rooms available in the hospital.

D) Staff and Admin  can search for patients by name, admission date and discharge.

The web system will have the following basic pages and proper Validations.

1) Login: Login Page for Admin, staff and Patients

2) Site Map: This page is the gateway to the website and should depict the Website structure and it should contain click-able links to all the pages.

3) Privacy Policy: Has all the copyright and privacy policy information.

The Following basic pages below are created with use of ADO.NET (data operations):

4) Patient List:

• Data control displays the list of registered patients.
• Staffs are able to enter the full details of a patient to filter the list of patients.
• Admin /staff can be able to filter patient list by DateofRegistration.

5) Patient Registration:

• This screen allows add/edit patient registration. We had used a Grid View for this purpose
• Patient Visits
• This screen displays the list of patient visits.
• The details of patient visits can also be filtered by patient name, date of visit and date of discharge.

6) Doctors List:

• This screen displays the list of all available doctors. This part of the web system will be accessed by the admin (username: admin, password: admin).

7) Bed List: This screen uses a grid view to display the list of all available beds in the hospital.

8) Discharge in Patient: Add/Edit Discharge Patient list. Which will be of great help to patient as well as their family doctors.

9) Billing System: The entire billing system for the patient will be automatically created. It will be based on the number of stay in the hospital.

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