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It’s a modules monitoring system and its a web based application


1. Needed a drop down menu list under bsc(hons) programmes with 3 more links and each link needs to have 1 more link like sideways

2. Admin can only edit update or add the data so needs a log in and password

3. I have got an grid view and connected to ms access and tables are placed under app code folder

4.under the page bsc(programes) got  a drop down list where i have got list of modules names. upon selecting table name on drop down list, data on grid view that show that particular table.

5. got an edit update, insert option and again only admin got the right to alter the data

6. Problem here is each table has  got different columns and got labels and text box to enter data for saving in to database but each table got different columns (please find the way of adding data in to that particular table by that that table in dropdown list

7. IN THAT PAGE next to grid view a button needs to be there and upon clicking on it should navigate to new web form showing statistics.


In that statistics page, needed a chart control showing results in graphs(statistical data) selecting student ID and total mark of the module

Need to have labels and text box showing the following

1. Fail rate showing in percentage (needs to find out no of students got less than 40 you can do this the by calculating the column "module total".

2. Needs to show no of students got third class (40-48) and result needed to be in text box.

3.2nd class (49-58)  and again same result needs to be in text some where under the chart control and next to label(showing students with

4. Upper second class (59-68)

5. First class(69 or above)

The above data needs to shown in graphs or any chart control which is decent

In x axis showing all the marks classification and in y axis showing percentage of no of students

The above statistic page needs has to be same for all modules listed in drop down and procedure of doing it is same for all the remaining modules, having a button and link to each module statistics page.

Another chart which needs to be under grid view

As these modules are computer science modules and performance of each module should be shown in terms of pass rate.

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