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Plane_new table

PNUM             FEATURE                     PTYPE
---                 --------------------               ---------------
p01                   Regular                      Normal
p02                   Multiple_en                Commuter
p03                   Propeller                    Commuter
p04                   Single_en                   Very_light
p05                   Singel_en                   Very_light
p06                   Multiple_en                Commuter
p07                   Regular                      Normal
p08                   Wildlife                       Restricted
p09                   Multiple_en                Commuter
p10                   Regular                      Normal

Employee_new table

EID              NAME          SALARY             MID
---            -------------        -------                 -----
e01            Wilson           53000
e02            Smith             48000              e01
e03            Jones             38000              e01
e04            Loftus            41000
e05            Wang            54000               e04
e06            Smith             45000               e04
e07            Green            48000
e08            Fox                49000               e04
e09            Wolf               41000               e04
e10            Fox                32000                e01
e11            Phillips           33000                e07
e12            Liu                 27000                e07

Pilot_new table

EID                           LICENCE
---                             ---------
e01                           123456789
e02                           234567891
e03                           345678912
e04                           456789012
e05                           567891234
e06                           678912345
e08                           890123456
e09                           901223456
e10                           102345678

FlightI_new table

FNUM                FDATE       DURATION        PID           PNU
----                  ----------          ----------          ---               ---
f01                  09-SEP-11          2                e01             p01
f02                  30-Sep-11          3                e02             p02
f03                  15-OCT-11         4                e02             p03
f04                  15-OCT-11         3                e03             p01
f05                  25-OCT-11         2                e04             p04
f06                  26-OCT-11         3                e05             p04
f07                  26-OCT-11         4                e06             p05
f08                  30-OCT-11         3                e06             p07
f09                  31-OCT-11         2                e08             p09
f10                  31-OCT-11         1                e02             p01
f11                  01-NOV-11        4                e09             p10
f12                  02-NOV-11        3                e01             p03
f13                  02-NOV-11        4                e02             p04
f14                  15-NOV-11        2                e03             p02
f15                  15-NOV-11        2                e02             p03

Use SELECT command to display the contents of your tables.

Develop SQL statements for the given queries:

problem: List the names of pilots implementing flights on the planes of Normal type.

problem: List out plane registration numbers and features for planes which have been employed to implement more than one flight after October 15, 2011

problem: Determine and display all pilots (names only) who didnt implement a flight after October 31, 2011.

problem: For each and every plane display its plane number and the total number of hours spent in the air. Comprise planes which were not used at all. For such planes, leave the total number of hours blank.

problem: Find the name(s) of pilot(s) who implemented the longest flight.

problem: Find out the names of senior pilots (managers) whose pilots implemented flights on the planes of type Very_light.

problem: Find and exhibit all pilots (employee ID and name) who implemented flights on the planes of Commuter type and Normal type.

problem: For each and every flight, display its number, the name of the pilot who implemented the flight and the words Longer than average if the flight duration was longer than average or the words Shorter than average if the flight duration was shorter than or equivalent to the average. For column holding the words Longer than average or Shorter than average make a header Length.

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