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Answer all the problems. 

problem 1: Differentiate between following terms along with suitable exs               

i) Applet and application

ii) Inheritance and interface

iii) Private and Protected

iv) This and Super

problem 2: Answer the following problems                                                  

i) What do you understand by the term Serialization? Also differentiate between Transient and Volatile keywords.

ii) Why Java is called platform independent? Is C++ also Platform independent? Justify your answer?

iii) When do we declare a member of class static? Describe with the help of a appropriate ex

iv) What happens if a Final Keyword is applied to each of the followings?

a) Class

b) Function

problem3) (i) describe finally block in Java? Describe with the help of a appropriate ex?         

(ii) Show user defined exception with an ex?          

(iii)  describe Call by reference in Java? Describe with the ex?                         

problem4)  (i) prepare a program in java which displays all the arguments passed at command line in reverse order.                         

(ii) prepare the program in java to print the following pattern                                
                        2  2
                        3  3  3
                        4  4  4  4
                        5  5  5  5  5

(iii) Describe Synchronized Block in Java? Why do we use it?      

problem5) (i) prepare a program in java to copy a file to another file. Name of the files are entered at command line? Like Copy File1, File 2

(ii) prepare the recursive function in Java to determine GCD of two integers entered at command line.

(iii) What is event delegation model in Java? Describe.

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