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problem: Modify the database by adding an additional column ("Deleted_Date") to those tables that represent entities that could contain data which can be deleted and justify your rationale in a short paragraph. In addition, describe what the tradeoffs are in using a marker-column for deletion, as opposed to actually deleting a row from a table?

problem: Design a database prototype that includes diagrams, data dictionary, design decisions, limitations, etc. The database should consist of at least four tables, two different user roles, and two reports.

Database Proposal Below:

Pharmacy Designating Database:

The intent of this Database Design Proposal is to design and develop a database that will describe, compile, and designate the location of the medications ordered. Medications are ordered 24/7 in the hospital for the inpatients and yet the medications ordered are not making it to the patient. The medications seem to be lost or simply missing from the floor. The nurses have several places to look for their patients’ medications, but stay confused about where each medication is kept. Designing a designating database would list the description of where the medication is kept on each floor or if it will come from pharmacy.


Pharmacy systems today are more efficient and user friendly when compared to the systems 20 years ago. In the early years of pharmacy systems, it was basic and did not provide extra information for the pharmacist or nurses when it came to the route of the medication or what form the medication was dispensed. For ex, Sodium Chloride 0.9% can be administered IV or oral, but the medication form is the same for both routes. Sodium Chloride 0.9% is sent to the floor in its original IV vial for IV use and is drawn up into an oral syringe for oral use. The problem is that the nurse on the floor does not know how the medication will be sent up and that creates confusion on where it will be located: loaded in the AcuDose machine (medication storage machine), in the patient specific drawer in the AcuDose machine, in the refrigerator, or if it has to be tubed up to the floor from the pharmacy.


In order to develop the designating medication database the following resources are needed:

• Invest into a database server such as Oracle server or SQL Server.

• Database Management System - This is a collection of software tools that enable the design, construction, maintenance, and backup of databases and allow for data retrieval, manipulation, and processing. Must work with WizOrder/Horizon Expert Orders (HEO), StarChart/StarPanel, AdminRx, and RxStar.

• Client workstation use for reviewing the report through a dashboard.

• A technical business analysis would be needed to design the database.

• A pharmacist informatics purchasing manager that has the knowledge base of medications and clinical connectivity.


The budget that would be set for this project would be based on the type of database server purchase and the number of business analyst and developer used.

Users: (Personnel/Credentials):

The user that would use this database would be pharmacist, nurse, doctors, and respiratory therapist. The skill set must be a health care background. They must have access to AcuDose, StarChart/StarPanel, and AdminRx.


Designing a designating medication database will give healthcare organization the ability to locate the medication and view the description of the medication. The database can contribute the meaningful use of achieving a decrease in medication delay and descriptive education. It can improve quality of care by having the ability to view available formulary medications listed for their specific area. The database will hold all available medication descriptions and have the capacity to store future medication information.

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