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Create the following windows forms applications in VB:

1: Create an application that will dynamically add a menu strip with menu items to a form (ie NOT dragged and dropped on the form in Visual Basic. The menu strip must be created in the Form_Load event handler.

Use a TextBox for user input. If the user enters information in the TextBox and clicks on the Add Button, the text must be added to a ComboBox control. A Menu must then be created that must be added to the menu strip dynamically.

There must be a second TextBox which will be used to add a new menu item to the menu that is currently selected in ComboBox.
When a menu item is selected, it should simply display a MessageBox with the items name (For ex, adding a menu item called View would display a MessageBox with the message “View”)

2: Create a quiz machine program in Visual Basic with the subsequent:

A menu strip that should be created programmatically (that is, NOT dragged and dropped onto the form). There must be an exit option added to the menu strip that must exit the application.

A structure should be created to summarize all the problems and suggested answers. The structure should contain:

• problem String
• Answers Collection
• Correct Answer String

When the form loads, 5 problems should be created in code using these structures. These 5 structures will then serve as the quiz. The user must be shown the first problem, and have the option of browsing forwards and backwards through the quiz. The program must store saved answers to select the radio button when users cycle through. This can be completed by any means possible, for illustration an ArrayList or SortedList.

Ensure that the suggested answers are randomized the first time the form loads only.

Once the user has selected an answer for each problem, the Submit button must be enabled. When the user clicks this button, the program must then evaluate the quiz and compare the users selected answers against the correct answer. An authentic message must then be displayed via a MessageBox indicating the user's score.

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