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problem1.  Build up and test a Web services based application that meets the subsequent requirements applying SOA design principles.

a)  Basic assumptions and requirements

i. The application must be developed using the .NET programming environment. But, you are free to use any programming language you are comfortable with but supported through the .NET development environment. 

ii.  The system to be executed is a ‘CONVERSION’ service which can perform based on user input and preferences, the subsequent conversions: currency (AUD to USD), currency (AUD to EUR), distance (Kilometres to Miles), and height (Inches to Centimetres).

iii. The system must execute both forward and reverse conversions. (e.g., Centigrade to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to Centigrade) depending on user preference.

iv. The system must be executed as a complex service that consists of a controller/master service which is responsible for interacting with the client application.

v. A response must be sent back to the client and displayed on the screen with all user interaction by a GUI.

vi. Your design must incorporate SOA principles.

The figure below shows a possible architecture for the system to be developed.



Your submitted solution should involve a set of documents:

i. VS2012 project files

ii. A basic user manual including test data: output and input, and screenshots of the working application.

iii. A short justification of your alignment and design choices to SOA principles.

problem2. The client application and web services are executed using different programming languages (e.g., client in VB and Web Services in C#).


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