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problem 1) ________ links take the user to separate web file:

A. Internal
B. Normal
C. External
D. Remote

problem 2) To divide your text into basic paragraphs, which of the tags would you use:




    problem 3) The text between the start and end tags is called the:

    A. Markup tags
    B. Text editor
    C. Element Content
    D. Tag Element

    problem 4) Frames comprise of 2 distinct entities:

    A. Rows and columns
    B. Frames and framesource
    C. Rows and frames
    D. Frames and framesets

    problem 5) Select the correct HTML tag for the largest heading:




    problem 6) The first web page that appears by default when one connects on Internet via a browser is called the:

    A. Mainpage
    B. Address Page
    C. Homepage
    D. Login Page

    problem 7) Which set of tags can be used to represent an unordered list:




      • D.

        problem 8) GIF stands for:

        A. Graphical Interchange Format
        B. Graphic Interchange Format
        C. Graphical Interchangeable Format
        D. Graphic Interchangeable Format

        problem 9) Which of the following is part of IT:

        A. Data
        B. Text
        C. Image
        D. All of the above

        problem 10) ______ is an advance programming language used for building application systems:

        A. 4GL
        B. Word Processor
        C. Notepad
        D. Database

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